As organisers of the 100 Days for Change initiative Women & Leadership Australia will be looking into our own organisation and staff and considering the changes we can make. Alongside the 100 Days for Change ambassador Tracey Spicer, we will also be undertaking a nationwide campaign to agitate for and promote change wherever and whenever we can.‚Äč

What will we be doing during 100 Days for Change?

Tracey on a recent visit to meet the WLA team.

Conducting research into the thoughts and feelings of Australian women and men around the importance of change and how we can work together to achieve it.

Some of the activities we will be involved in are:

Talking to organisations, from all sectors and industries, across the country about a practical and achievable change they could make.

Asking our prominent, high profile supporters and stakeholders to consider a change they could make.

Calling on women’s networks, employer groups and member based associations to join us in promoting change in their industries.

Working with our partners across the country to help individuals and organisations implement and measure change.

Offering more opportunities for women leaders across key sectors and industries to access high quality development and peer group networking.

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