Aside from the obvious fact that making considered and achievable change to positively impact gender equity is a good thing, making change as part of a broader initiative like 100 Days for Change offers the additional benefits of collective voice, action and momentum. By focusing all the amazing work being done under one initiative we attract national level awareness and exposure. It is our hope that by creating a powerful groundswell of awareness and action across the country, the potential for large scale, widespread change will increase.

Having spent the last fourteen years working with female leaders and their organisations across all industries, we recognise that there are lots of important changes happening all the time and that many women and men continue to work diligently towards gender equality every day. We also recognise that many individuals have already attempted to create change and feel that their efforts have had little or no impact. To all these amazing people out there we say ‘Thank you, your efforts have not gone unnoticed and are not in vain’. We also implore all of you to align your ongoing efforts under the 100 Days for Change initiative and tell us about it. We want you to feel part of this highly visible collective endeavor and receive some of the recognition you so richly deserve. Together we can make a difference.

Why is this worth your time and effort?

For all the existing change agents out there 

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