Aspire: New events, Elevate and awards ​

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Aspire.

Recently, I have been listening to the WorkLife podcast, hosted by Adam Grant. A recent episode about memory really resonated with me. I have been subscribing to the fact that as I get older my memory naturally fails me more. But, the more I told myself this story the more it was happening. The episode How to Remember Anything reminded me that memory is a learned skill. Now, the journal and highlighters are coming back out (I am a visual learner) along with other strategies, and I am practicing handwriting rather than typing as I actively strengthen my memory.

In other news, I have been delighted to represent Women & Leadership Australia at a number of conferences and industry events over the past couple of months. Highlights included the Commercial & Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia National Conference and Awards Ceremony, and awarding the NSW International Women in Business Award at thePremiers' NSW Export Awards. I am also looking forward to hosting a ‘Lunch and Learn’ with Phillip Riley about negotiation later this month (Did you know that women ask for a pay rise as often as men?) and will let you all know how it goes in the next newsletter.

Suzi Finkelstein, Director, Leadership & Advocacy, WLA 

St.George and WLA announce the Elevate initiative 

WLA in partnership with St. George are proud to present the Elevate initiative for women working in the automotive sector. The initiative provides women with the opportunity to apply for full and partial scholarships to undertake leadership development training with WLA. Participants will form exclusive, industry specific cohorts, in order to network with their peers, develop their personal and professional leadership skills and build lifelong connections. Women in Automotive Australia are also sponsoring the initiative. See more here.


Nominations for the Australian Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership now open 

The 2020 Australian Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership are now open. The awards aim to recognise women who have made contributions to gender equality in their workplace, industry or the broader community. Specifically, the awards recognise women whose actions and initiatives have likely provided other opportunities for women to advance into leadership roles. People who wish to nominate someone are encouraged to visit our nominations page.

Catherine Fox on the 2019 Symposium season

Catherine Fox, Director of Diversity at WLA, has written a wrap up about some of the key themes and feedback from women who attended one of the Symposiums this year. She reflects on the lessons we learned from speakers, the power of bringing women together and why women need to amplify each other. You can read her thoughts here.


Four full scholarships available as part of Hort Innovation and WLA partnership

Women working in the horticulture sector in Australia can now apply for funding to undertake a leadership program with WLA, with thanks to Hort Innovation. The joint funding initiative is part of an effort to advance gender equality in Australia's horticulture sector. For those working in the vegetable, pear or apple sectors, a number of fully funded scholarship positions are also available. See more here.

Michael from South 32 on why men should attend the Symposiums

A lot of people think that the Symposiums are only for women - which is fair, given the name. However, we both welcome and encourage men to come along and develop their leadership skills, learn how to be allies to women in the workplace and find out how they can be part of the change. We were delighted that Michael from South 32 came along to the Symposium in Perth. See what he thought.


The Indigenous Women's Leadership Symposium

WLA in partnership with Women's Business are excited to announce the forthcoming Indigenous Women's Leadership Symposium. The one day event will create a safe space for Indigenous women to network, share their wisdom and advance their leadership development. You can see more about the event here.