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About Women & Leadership Australia

The WLA initiative comprises a range of professional development programs, advisory services, networking channels, and on-going research. Since our inaugural forum in 2004, over 50,000 women have participated, making WLA the largest gender-focused leadership initiative in Australia.

With so much experience in developing women, we are ideally positioned to respond to the ever changing needs of contemporary female leaders and their organisations. Each year, employers across all sectors and industries choose to partner with us to develop the skills and confidence of their female leaders and help provide exciting new career opportunities.

In developing our suite of market leading educational programs, WLA has created experiences ‘for women’ but not necessarily ‘about women’. The programs not only provide best of breed leadership development but immerse participants in an experience informed by the complexities and opportunities of being a female leader in Australia today. Through a deep understanding of the needs of female leaders at every stage of their journey, we provide rich and empowering learning environments, singularly geared to enabling each participant to achieve their own unique vision of success.

The scope and quality of WLA’s products and services are the result of the dedicated work of the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM). ASAM is a leading provider of leadership and management development services. ASAM’s long standing involvement in WLA demonstrates its commitment to enhancing leadership excellence and equality throughout the Australian workforce.​