Dr Anna Dabrowski


“As an academic, I understand the challenges facing female leaders, but rarely bear witness to the impacts of those challenges. As women, we often feel like imposters, regardless of all we have accomplished.  I continue to be humbled by the incredible women we work with, and the admiration I have for our participants continues to drive my work. Within WLA, there is much opportunity in the lessons we can learn from our experiences, and each other. I am proud to contribute to the continual empowerment of our participants, and enjoy watching women grow and learn as individuals, become key players in leadership communities, and champion the work of other female leaders.”

Anna Dabrowski is a researcher and lecturer in the area of gender, education reform, and tertiary education. As a qualitative researcher, Anna is interested in the ways that we can learn from and best utilise data to inform and enhance our experiences, with a particular interest in transforming the experiences of women across organisations and sectors. Anna is dedicated to lifelong learning and continuous self-development. As well as being one of WLA’s most highly regarded facilitators, Anna plays a pivotal, ongoing role in the evaluation and measurement of WLA’s suite of development programs.​​