Bettina Danganbarr

Founder & Chairperson, Galiwin’ku Women’s Space Inc; Anti-domestic violence campaigner

2019 Northern Territory Award Winner

Bettina Danganbarr is a Galiwin’ku community leader and role model for future generations of strong men and women. She has worked as an ACPO for 11 years during which time she also founded Galiwin’ku Women’s Space Inc (GWS) of which she is currently Chairperson. Though her work with the police and GWS she has inspired many community members to rise up and work towards her vision of a stronger and safer community free from domestic and family violence. She works tirelessly through her work and personal life to empower young men and women to become strong future leaders and in 2018 Danganbarr was the recipient of NT Australian Local Hero award. Through supporting families overcome their experiences of domestic and family violence through grassroots initiatives Danganbarr is creating a brighter future for the next generations of her community.​