Betti Tovishazy

General Manager Client Solutions

“Women really do represent an enormously under-utilised national resource. It is an honour to be working here at WLA, where I can assist organisations to train and empower a greater percentage of women to step up into leadership positions. It is my belief, that the work we do here will create very real and tangible benefits to Australian society.”

Betti is a seasoned business professional with experience in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, hospitality and education. Betti migrated from Eastern Europe and, having successfully established her own business operating within a predominantly male environment, she gained an insight into the challenges facing women in business today. Completing a degree in Economics and Business Studies, Betti developed a keen interest in strategic people development with a strong emphasis on female leadership and gender equality.

Bringing this experience and insight to her role as General Manager of Client Solutions with WLA, Betti works tirelessly assisting clients to articulate their business needs whilst identifying opportunities to develop their high-potential female employees. Betti has also worked in the areas of Operations Management and Career Development and, as National Corporate Solutions Manager at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) implemented strategic learning and development solutions from frontline to c-suite level.