Director and Principal Consultant, HJCL Advisory

Heejung Cecilia is a Chartered Accountant professional with 20 years of multi-disciplinary, cross-jurisdictional work experience. Heejung Cecilia's diverse roles include Head of Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity (Scentre Group), Head of Risk and Compliance, Group and Corporate (Challenger), infrastructure fund manager (Macquarie Bank), taxation advisor (Deloitte), consultant on regulatory remediation and compliance projects (BNP Paribas, ING Australia) and intern in architecture firms in Australia and Korea. As well as enjoying corporate work, Heejung Cecilia is dedicated to extending knowledge of wholistic well-being. Heejung Cecilia is a LESMILLS group fitness instructor of over a decade and is a practicing yoga teacher and Reiki qualified member. Heejung Cecilia is a volunteer advisor at Sydney Women’s Fund (Sydney Community Foundation) and supports founders Catherine Fox and Julia Quinn of the Women Kind giving circle.



Friday 19th June, 2020