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We specialise in working with leaders at all levels to hone their leadership capacity and capability. A powerful tool often employed in supporting leadership development is personalised, one-to-one coaching. Through the coaching process we aim to facilitate an individual’s learning, and in so doing, assist them to understand and improve their own performance.​

Extensively trained and possessing real-world leadership experience, our coaches are widely recognised for their expertise in coaching leaders at all levels, across a broad cross-section of sectors and industries.


Personalised one-to-one support for leaders and managers at all levels​


All applicants enrolling into the program must satisfy WLA’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures.

• $730 (+GST) per session

• Or 3 sessions for $1,999 (+GST)

• Additional sessions over 3 will be charged at the discounted rate of $665 (+GST) per session

Standard coaching sessions are 60 minutes in duration and conducted online using zoom video conferencing. Coaching fees are per participant.


Utilising a spectrum of models, and focusing on cognitive and behavioural outcomes, we offer a rigorous, best-practice approach to coaching which adheres to the code of ethics established by the International Coach Federation.



Through the coaching process, the participant commits to a considered Development Action Plan aligned with the needs of their stakeholders. The aim of this approach is to equip participants with actual strategies to enable them to overcome their individual challenges. The approach is built on four fundamental elements:​

Integrated Framework

Our coaching framework consists of distinct work phases which identify developmental needs and provide tailored developmental outcomes.

Focused on the individual

One ‘size’ does not fit all. In order to maximise the impact of coaching, participants’ individual needs are assessed and outcomes are designed accordingly.

Proven tools and techniques

All tools used by coaches have been thoroughly tried and tested and are subject to on-going development and refinement.

Extensive experience

All coaches have extensive experience in coaching participants from a wide range of backgrounds and at varying levels of seniority.

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