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Enhancing innovation and business performance through unlocking the potential of women

Identifying the barriers women face on their journey into leadership and clearing the path for talented female leaders to progress is now a focus area for many of Australia’s leading organisations. If we agree that men and women are different and require different experiences and opportunities to excel within the workplace, then it should come as no surprise that women tend to have differing needs when it comes to professional development. 

A major barrier to women succeeding as leaders is their own limiting self-beliefs, as well as the unconscious bias ingrained within our society. Identifying and overcoming barriers at an organisational level in conjunction with the right development initiatives has been shown to have a significant impact on the performance and engagement of female leaders.

Fourteen years of experience has demonstrated to us that a great number of women prefer and benefit more from, gender-specific development experiences. Focused exclusively on identifying, nurturing and developing female talent, we use proven development strategies to create powerful role models capable of driving their organisations forward.

Organisations across Australia are already reaping the benefits of providing tailored development opportunities for their female leaders.

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Every year thousands of women independently choose WLA as their preferred leadership development provider. It therefore comes as no surprise that organisations are seeking our expertise in providing tailored development solutions for their female leaders.

We believe in ‘win win’ solutions for female leaders and their organisations.  Our work centres on supporting women to lead their teams and their organisations to enhanced performance.

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