Encompassing a sophisticated blend of synchronous and asynchronous exploration and reflection, Conscious and Inclusive Leadership immerses participants in a highly collaborative learning experience. Focusing on both individual and collective growth, the program challenges participants to step outside of their comfort zone and reassess their usual way of doing things.

Self-directed Exploration and Experimentation

During the program, participating groups attend three, highly interactive, two day face-to-face workshops. The workshops are spaced roughly eight weeks apart ensuring participants have ample opportunity to experiment with new approaches and reflect on their success between sessions. The workshops themselves focus on collaborative exploration pertinent to each of the key themes and are designed to inspire inclusive thought and action.

Inclusive Practice Activities and Reflection

Each of the six workshop days will commence with an Inclusive practice activity designed to help participants get comfortable with thinking and acting in new ways. These activities set the tone for the workshop by challenging participants to make new connections, critically evaluate common assumptions and reflect on previous experiences. At the completion of the day participants are asked to reflect on meaningful change and the impact on their leadership in the future.

Between the workshops participants will have access to a range of supporting content and materials designed to assist them in experimenting with new approaches and evaluating their success. This content is available via our state of the art online learning management system allowing participants to engage with it at any time from any device. Content includes high quality video tutorials, ‘best practice’ leadership literature, experiential activities and reflective tasks. Throughout the program, participants are also encouraged to share their insights, successes and challenges via a group discussion forum.

Peer Coaching Partnerships

Through the peer coaching sessions participants will work together to identify new opportunities to increase inclusivity across the organisation and practice how to deliver feedback and have meaningful, outcome driven coaching conversations. Peer coaching partnerships will be decided during the first workshop and aim to connect individuals who would not typically interact extensively in their roles. The peer coaching sessions often lead to a deeper connection between colleagues and a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s challenges. Coaching practices will be explained and coaching skills developed throughout the program.