An intensive leadership development program enabling exceptional performance, behaviours and mindsets.

Executive Ready


7 Months


2 Hours


Middle to senior



Executive Ready is a seven month leadership and career accelerator purpose designed to stretch mid-level leaders and rapidly propel them towards executive level performance, behaviours and mindsets.

The program challenges participants to see themselves, their responsibilities and their opportunities with fresh eyes, enabling and inspiring them to achieve career and life goals. The significant emphasis on applied learning ensures participants rapidly enhance their leadership abilities along with their capacity and confidence to take on increased responsibility.​​

Executive Ready is delivered through a sophisticated blend of face-to-face workshops, interactive webinars, peer coaching and self-directed learning. These elements are coordinated through a state of the art learning management system and carefully structured to enable participants to realise exceptional outcomes whilst continuing to be highly present and effective in their workplace environment.​


360° Feedback Tool

Virtual Workshop Days

Leader as Coach Sessions

Interactive Online Workshops / Webinars

Self-directed Learning

Online Community of Practice

"The program provided me with many useful tools that I can use on a day by day basis, and opened my eyes to different ways of thinking and dealing with situations."

Erin Sanchez

Administration, Capital Access Group

Segmented into seven distinct but complimentary modules Executive Ready engages participants in a comprehensive exploration of effective leadership practice. Executive Ready is for women who want to deepen their leadership capability and develop greater self, team and organisational awareness. Enabling leaders to unlock the full potential of their staff, the program is ideal for supporting the progression of mid-level leaders in large and small organisations and independent business owners looking to transform business performance.​





Leadership and Authenticity


Purpose, Priorities and Professional Development

Communication, Presence and Influence

A partnership with Deakin University is now enabling female professionals across the country to gain credit towards one of Australia’s most respected Master of Business Administration programs through their participation in the Executive Ready Program. Under the partnership, Executive Ready graduates are able to use their participation in the program to apply for 2 units of credit towards Deakin’s internationally respected Master of Business Administration.


The ground-breaking pathway model has emerged following Women & Leadership Australia’s exhaustive evaluation of the Australian MBA marketplace. Offering flexible and customisable learning options for busy working professionals, the quality and agility of the Deakin model made it a clear choice for WLA graduates. Deakin’s MBA can be undertaken wholly online or face-to-face, with residential programs, study tours and Masterclasses available to students in any study mode. Interested parties must complete the Executive Ready program in line with established criteria and satisfy Deakin University’s statute, regulations, policies and procedures. For more information please contact the WLA Admissions Department. 

Rebecca Cannon

Operations Manager at Atlas Equipment Finance

Rebecca Cannon reviews WLA's Executive Ready program.

The standard program admission fee is $8,990 (+GST). The admission fee covers all tuition, program related materials and access to the WLA online learning portal. The fee does not cover travel and accommodation costs associated with attendance at the face-to-face elements of the program.

Admission Fee

Interested parties should contact WLA’s Admissions Department to obtain admission documents and information. Due to the exclusive nature of the program, admission is based on a rigorous written application process. If you would like to speak to a program liaison call us on 1300 735 904 or e-mail

Admission Process