Executive Advantage is a completely unique developmental experience for senior and elite female leaders. Combining executive coaching with expert guidance and mentoring, the program provides fully customised learning outcomes tailored to your needs. Throughout your twelve-month journey, you will work hand in hand with one of our senior development consultants to build your capabilities and enhancing your opportunities. You will also work one-on-one with a number of highly respected leaders with extensive executive and directorship experience. 

Executive Advantage also represents a powerful platform to build your personal brand. As a VIP guest at the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium you will interact with some of the country’s top female talent. Returning to the symposium the following year, at the culmination of your journey, you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver your own keynote presentation, exploring your challenges and achievements and promoting your personal brand. 

Executive Advantage is for experienced professionals looking for tailored support and guidance. The program is highly beneficial for executives in complex and demanding roles as well as entrepreneurs and women experiencing or planning a significant career change.

Executive Advantage

A unique and unparalleled coaching and mentoring experience for senior female leaders

Your Development Partnership

By far the most impactful element of the Executive Advantage experience, the partnership with your development coach provides an exclusive opportunity to focus on you.

Executive Advantage is built around the concept of high touch coaching and mentoring. Over the twelve-month journey, the collaborative nature of the relationship between you and your development coach will enable you to put in place the foundations for long-term career success. 

Interspersed throughout your journey will be five, two-hour executive coaching sessions focused exclusively on your challenges and aspirations. In addition to acting as a sounding board for important decisions and strategies, your coach will also be beside you every step of the way helping you to distill maximum value from each experience. 

Through this unique relationship, Executive Advantage strikes the perfect balance between high impact, just in time, career coaching and committed, long-term support.​

Executive Advantage

Your Expert Advisors

Connect with three independent and highly accomplished women and benefit first hand from their hard won insights and experience.

During your Executive Advantage journey, you and your development coach will participate in three Expert Advisor Sessions and benefit from the advice of some truly inspirational female leaders. These high profile advisors will be selected by your coach from WLA’s network of mentors and provide ‘inside the tent’ strategy and insights. Your coach join you in these sessions and following them, will debrief with you to turn these unique insights into practical strategies and actions.

Members of the WLA Advisor network

Sadhana Smiles
Jane Hunt
Katy Barfield

Sadhana Smiles

CEO, Harcourts Group Victoria​

Jane Hunt

Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur and CEO, Ready Nation​

Katy Barfield

Founder, The Yume App​

Julia Gillard
Ita Buttrose
Deborah Hutton
Dame Quentin Bryce
Michelle Bridges
Elizabeth Broderick
Ronni Kahn
Tracey Spicer

as a Keynote Speaker

At the conclusion of your twelve-month journey, you will return to this prestigious event for a once in a lifetime opportunity, delivering your own keynote presentation. Focusing on your experiences and future aspirations, the presentation will represent a celebration of your Executive Advantage journey and a powerful platform to promote your personal brand alongside the country’s top female talent.​

as a VIP Guest

The Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium is the country’s most highly attended women’s leadership event, showcasing a vibrant community of dynamic, career focused women. Additionally, the annual speaker line up is a veritable who’s who of female leadership and business talent offering unrivalled opportunities to create career defining connections. 

Your Symposium Experience

Psychometric assessment and insight​

Undertaken at the start and end of your journey, the psychometric assessment and organisational psychologist debrief offer exceptional insight and the foundations for transformational change.

Understanding why you act and feel the way you do is a fundamental element in determining how you will react in critical situations. Working with a registered organisational psychologist you will undertake an in depth self-evaluation of how and why you do what you do. Armed with the resulting insight, you and your development coach will co-create opportunities to challenge your ‘status quo’ and overcome your innate blockers and competency traps.​

Your growth plan​

Co-created with your development coach, your growth plan represents a commitment to achieving the outcomes you want.

Designed to focus your efforts and energy, your growth plan is your road map to success. This document will form the foundations of what you aim to achieve over the journey and help guide your decisions and actions along the way. Regularly updated and refined, this document will be testament to your achievements and provide the basis for your keynote presentation at the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium.​

WLA is the country’s largest female focused development initiative. For fifteen years we have been working with women leaders to develop their capability and confidence and help enhance their careers. During this time our consultants have worked with thousands of participants across numerous programs and events. We have partnered with large and small organisations across all industries and worked with a wide range of associations and networks to increase leadership equality across their sectors. For  twelve- years we have been proud to host the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium, gaining unique insight into the behaviours and mindsets of Australia’s top tier female leaders. This substantial body of work has enabled us to build a suite of development programs unsurpassed in their ability to connect with the needs of today’s female leader. In short – we know where you want to be and we know how to get you there.​

Entrust your development to us and see the results​

Applications now open


Enrolments into Executive Advantage are strictly limited each year and structured to coincide with the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium. All applicants enroling into Executive Advantage must satisfy WLA’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolments are at the discretion of the WLA Admissions Department. Enrolment details may be obtained by contacting the WLA Admissions Department. 

The standard enrolment fee is $29,990 (+GST). This fee covers all development and coaching sessions, expert advisors sessions, 2 x attendance at the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium, program related materials and access to the WLA online learning portal. The enrolment fee does not cover participant travel and accommodation costs associated with attendance at any elements of the program.


If Executive Advantage sounds like the next step in your career/life journey, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today for a no obligation chat with one of our friendly consultants.

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Michelle Dixon

Michelle Dixon

Partner & CEO, Maddocks​

Dr Janet Smith

Dr Janet Smith

Adjunct Associate Professor of Education University of Canberra​

Michelle Dixon

catherine fox

Australian freelance Journalist, author, and public speaker

Applications now open