full attendance grants available for Indigenous women 

Women & Leadership Australia is proud to announce that our Indigenous grants program is back for 2020.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are encouraged to apply for a full attendance grant to attend the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums, being held in capital cities around the country in 2020.

64 Indigenous women will be able to attend the events free of charge as part of WLA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) grants program. The initiative began in 2017 and has continued ever since. The total value of the grants to be awarded is over $90,000.

Bernice Hookey attended the Brisbane event in 2019 as part of the ATSI grant program. “I encourage more Indigenous women to apply for the grants and attend these events. The WLA Symposiums are a learning experience for all women. To have more Indigenous women at these events provides for more learning opportunities and a better experience.  

“During the event you get to connect with a diverse range of women from all walks of life and hear from them as they share their stories. This is an opportunity to build networks and find new opportunities for yourself and others.”

Suzi Finkelstein, General Manager at WLA, said of the initiative, “The symposiums represent an opportunity for women from all sectors, levels of leadership and career stages to come together to network, develop their personal and professional leadership capabilities and hear from some of Australia’s forefront experts and thought leaders on gender equality and other pressing social and workplace issues.

“It is important that in this kind of environment, everyone has a chance to be in the room. Without prioritising that, we are unable to hear a variety of perspectives, and we miss out on valuable lessons as a result. It is important to us that Indigenous women are represented in the room and we are proud to be able to offer a grants program that allows that to happen.”

In the three years that the ATSI grants have been in place, the total value of the grants has exceeded $250,000, with over 100 women having the opportunity to attend the events. This year, delegates at the symposiums will be joined by Lee Lin Chin, Dr Terry Fitzsimmons, Catherine Fox, Zali Steggal, Brooke Boney, Amna Karra Hassan, Florence Drummond and more, depending on their location.

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