WLA Industry Partnership Framework​

Through the Industry Partnership Framework, WLA is supported by hundreds of Australian industry associations and professional bodies each year to create deeper awareness and action around gender and leadership. Indeed, the unique power of the brand-building and advocacy work contributed by Australian industry is the driving force behind WLA.​

Over the past two years, over 500 associations and professional bodies have helped to recognise WLA’s important role in creating active communities and developmental opportunities to support practical and tangible outcomes around gender equity by actively promoting WLA’s work throughout their industry. The breadth and sustainability of this support is testament to a widespread commitment from Australian industry to drive real, long-term change. Whilst we still have a lot of work ahead of us, together with industry we hope to position Australia as a global leader in gender equity in the workplace.​

At a tangible level, the investment by Australian industry in actively promoting the WLA agenda and its leadership development streams enables WLA to reduce barriers for Australian women by offering significant discounts on program fees through industry scholarships. In addition, WLA is able to offer interest-free study loans to program enrolees.​

WLA acknowledges the critical role of all our industry supporters in making these benefits possible for Australian organisations and individual women. The framework and resulting benefits will remain active across particular industries only through ongoing industry support.​

Industry Partnership Framework Value Exchange​

Gender Equity Advocacy​

Generation of Professional

Development Communities​

Direct promotion of WLA and its agenda​

Use of WLA platform for

communications and campaigning ​

Provision of Industry

Scholarship Discounts​

Provision of interest-free study loans​

Industry Partnerships​