Jenny Pesina

Head of Education Design

“Despite a number of developments nationally and internationally on increasing gender equality in leadership positions, there is still a lot to be done. I am delighted and proud to work with so many amazing women as part of WLA. This is complex work which requires tenacity, resilience and agility. I am constantly evolving and learning as part of this life-changing experience.”

Jenny is a highly experienced eLearning and blended learning designer, educator and project manager. She is focused on delivering pedagogically sound and innovative teaching and learning solutions through thoughtful planning, coordination and outcome based delivery. Jenny has extensive experience in higher education and commercial sectors, including engagement and maintenance of strategic relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders. Prior to joining WLA, Jenny worked at the University of Melbourne and Open Universities Australia on a number of high profile education projects. Jenny has undertaken extensive research into educational technology trends and applications in teaching and learning in the UK, Ireland and Australia. She is proficient in qualitative research and evaluation methodologies and is passionate about improving the quality of the learning experience.​