A unique blend of leadership development and peer-group interaction

The program is the culmination of extensive research and development by Women & Leadership Australia and involved consultation with women across hundreds of Australia’s leading organisations and employer groups.

>   It explores the following themes


How am I leading?What truly matters to me?


How do I interact
within my work


How can I develop
and leverage my

for success 


my leadership


Combining Leadership development
with group peer networking


Throughout the program, the participant group is encouraged to form a close nit network designed to assist each person in their learning. 

This unique process is the hallmark of the Women’s Leadership Alliance in-house program. Following on from the official workshops many groups have built lasting relationships, regularly meeting up to discuss their challenges and successes.​


Authentic Leadership

Participants draw out and analyse the key themes of authentic leadership. This includes a reflection on those leaders from whom we draw inspiration in our own lives. Participants look  closely at their own values and how their actions - both in their work and personal lives - align or diverge from their core values. 

Self Awareness​


Leadership Communication

This module commences with an exploration of one’s own preferred style of communicating and the impact of one’s style on others. The session focuses on effective communication and influencing at different levels. Participants will explore a range of tactics in theory before applying them at a practical level.

Evironmental Awareness​


Effective Networking

Having a strong and diverse network contributes to personal success. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a strong network; a sense of belonging, increased well-being and career progression. This practical session explores the mind-sets that hold us back from networking and methods for overcoming them. 

Networking for Success​


Resilience and Wellbeing

Participants examine common workplace challenges and explore ways to facilitate discussion around wellbeing, resilience and social capital within their teams. Participants go on to develop new ways to overcome challenges, bounce back from adversity and increase their resourcefulness.

Creating Balance


"The Leadership Alliance in-house program provided exposure to other personnel in different work environments and opportunity to challenge my existing thought processes.​"


Manager-Department of Defence

"It has made me realise how important it is to know ourselves well, to be able to draw upon our unique skills, as well as areas for future development.​"


Mechanical Engineer-GHD Australia


The program can be delivered at your workplace or at a venue of your choosing (all venue costs and logistics remain the responsibility of the client).


We recommend a minimum of 8 participants to undertake the program in-house with typical groups ranging from 15 – 25 participants.


WLA will provide one expert facilitator for the duration of the program. This will include a one-hour consultation prior to the day of delivery.

Dates and times

The Leadership Alliance is a two-day program. Each day runs between 9am and 4.30pm. The program is typically run on  mutually acceptable dates.


Extensive research and development by WLA has resulted in the unique leadership development + peer support model that underpins the Women’s Leadership Alliance in-house program.

By establishing the group as a peer network, a safe and supportive environment is created for exploring one’s developmental strengths and needs. WLA research revealed a strong preference for this style of peer engagement in the learning setting.

Self awareness | Environmental awareness
Networking for success | Creating balance​

Running the leadership 
alliance in-house

WLA regularly runs The Women’s Leadership Alliance on site for large and small organisations across the country. Running the program exclusively for your employees helps to create a shared language that enhances the benefits of the program by promoting on-going peer to peer support and development post the formal workshops. The Alliance is perfectly designed to provide your organisation with a concentrated group leadership program, ideal for rewarding and developing valued employees.​

The program is designed for both current and aspiring leaders. Because of the personalised nature of the program, leaders at varying levels are encouraged to participate. The diverse experience and insights of participants is central to the overall learning experience.​


Peer network

Throughout the workshops, the group forms a supportive peer network. This unique process is the hallmark of the Women’s Leadership Alliance. Long after the program is completed, participants continue to derive value from the network.​​