Our top takeaways from this year's Women's leadership Symposiums... so far 

Our Women's Leadership Symposiums are in full swing for 2019, with the Brisbane, Perth and Canberra events now complete, and Sydney (18/19 July), Adelaide (1 August), Melbourne (8/9 August), Darwin (22 August) and Hobart (30 August) events still to come.

We have already learnt so much from our amazing speakers and delegates. And because we are all about sharing wisdom, here are a few ‘aha’ moments we thought we would share with you.

“Leadership is a privilege.” Ita Buttrose, Chair of the ABC, speaking to our delegates in Perth the day after the AFP raided their Sydney offices.  

“If you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu.” Catia Malquias, when talking about why we need to rethink how we create frameworks for people with disability, and why inclusion is so important at all levels of leadership.

“Amplification is a powerful tool.” Suzi Finkelstein, who is our Director of Leadership and Advocacy, talking about how we can support the advancement of women in our own workplaces and industries.

“Overcome your inner critic.” Clare Bowditch, who followed this sage piece of advice by getting us all up on our feet to sing Eye Of The Tiger.

“Hold the space for others to speak.” Amna Karra Hassan on why we need to actively involve more people in decision making and storytelling whenever we can.

“Merit stands for Mates Elevated Regardless of Intellect or Talent.” Catherine Fox, speaking about why we need to question meritocracy.

“Question received wisdom.” Tracey Spicer AM, while accepting the 2019 National Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership.

“Get a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who champions you. They introduce you to networks and lift you up.” Marina Go, on a panel about the competency trap, talking about why you should have a formal sponsor in the workplace and what that relationship should look like.

“Don’t think about what you can’t do. Think about what value you can bring to the role.” Kate Bradstreet, on job seeking and selection criteria.

“Be a bit mindful about learning.” Sally Moyle, CEO of Care Australia, on how to continue progressing in your career.

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