Ship’s Captain; Humanitarian; Maritime Logistics, P&O Maritime Services

Madeleine Habib is a ship's captain, a humanitarian and an activist. For more than 30 years she has using her sea faring skills to fight for environmental causes and social justice issues around the world.  In 1995 she was the Greenpeace zodiac driver who chained herself to the drilling rig in the middle of Mururoa Atoll to prevent French nuclear testing. In 2016 she was the captain of the Women's Boat to Gaza, sailing a yacht full of world leaders to break the unjust Israeli siege of Gaza. She has captained Australia's former research vessel, migrant rescue ships, a medical aid ship in Papua New Guinea and a sailing cargo ship in the Pacific. Most recently she has been combining her maritime and humanitarian skills as Port Captain for World Food Programme in war-torn Syria. Madeleine has risen through the ranks of one of the world's most male dominated industries to hold an Unlimited Master's licence.



Thursday 3rd September, 2020