Make an IMPACT in 2022

Increasingly, behavioural and interpersonal skills are at the very heart of our everyday lives. Sometimes referred to as ‘soft skills’, they form the basis of how we understand ourselves, how we interpret our experiences and the impact that we have on others.

Regardless of what your immediate or long-term career goals look like, developing and advancing your interpersonal and communication skills is key to increasing your social capital, helping you manage conflict, supporting your health and wellbeing and giving you a better understanding of yourself and others.

The new IMPACT Program from Women & Leadership Australia supports women outside of traditional leadership roles to develop and refine these skills. The program draws on more than 15 years of leadership expertise, and world-class leadership facilitators, to interpret and convey the skills of effective leaders into an accessible and practical format for women outside leadership and formal management positions.

By advancing your grasp of these essential skills, you can work with others more efficiently, contribute to better results in the workplace, build your confidence and optimise your relationships with others in your organisation. This program is for you if you are ready to invest in yourself to make a bigger IMPACT in work and life.

Dr Janet Smith, Director of Programs at Women & Leadership Australia, said, “In creating this program, we were thinking about all those women who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves a leader or who aren’t in formal management positions. There are so many women, of all ages, from all kinds of backgrounds, for whom leadership isn’t a current focus. This course is for them, all of them.”

You will cover five modules in the IMPACT Program:

  • Self-understanding - explore your own preferences and strengths and how these elements impact your actions and understanding in the workplace. You will also explore the intersection between purpose, talents and passions.
  • Impactful communications – discover your preferred style of communication and how the way you communicate impacts on others. You will also explore and advance your ability to empathise and connect with others.
  • Productive conflict – explore and question your natural response to conflict, including your personal stress response. You can also learn how to reframe conflict as a positive opportunity for discussion.
  • Conscious decision making – learn strategies that help you gather information, think critically, and make timely and considered decisions. You will also learn to implement ‘above the line’ behaviours and be supported to begin reflective practice.
  • Maximising effort and energy – finally, you will be given tools to effectively prioritise their effort and energy. You will learn strategies to manage your time in order to reduce stress, doubt, guilt and panic, allowing you to find a more focussed and productive momentum.


“The IMPACT program is designed to be a real awakening. You will come away with new capabilities, insights and perspectives, heightened confidence and a range of practical strategies to support you each and every day,” said Dr Smith.

Enrolments are now open. Invest in yourself in 2022 and find out more about the IMPACT Program today.


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