Learning Methodology

Women & Leadership Australia’s learning methodology draws on three interwoven learning philosophies

Dialogic Learning

Applied Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Reflective Learning

Engagement and Support

Our Engagement and Support Services team is an essential component to WLA’s continued success. Along with the learning experience itself, this is an important component that drives very high satisfaction and completion rates across all our programs. All participants are taken through a guided and involved support process as they work through their course. Our Engagement and Support Services team employs detailed checklists to ensure that program participants remain engaged, actively supported and nurtured throughout the entire learning cycle. Our facilitators and content developers also have a facilitation framework which clearly outlines WLA’s standards and expectations for effective teaching and student interaction. Additionally, a dedicated forum is provided where our teaching staff can share ideas and approaches for best practice, as well as offer time for reflection and mindfulness.

Learning Ethos, Methodology and Delivery

Easy to use

Anyone who has previous experience using Facebook, Skype and Microsoft Word already has all the technology and skills needed to excel in the online environment.

A Sophisticated and Accessible 
Approach to Online Learning

The WLA e-Learning management system stands at the very forefront of integrated digital learning technology and marries the very best of connected dialogic learning with easy to use and highly accessible online environments. To help ensure our programs deliver maximum return on investment, our e-learning environments adhere to a range of important codes of practice


WLA believes in the role and importance of professional and academically robust evaluation. To assist in this process WLA is able to draw on a number of highly qualified academic professionals with significant expertise in evaluation and measurement of professional learning initiatives. Process and participatory evaluation mechanisms, overseen by qualified experts, means that programs can be adapted and improved ‘on the go’, for the right reasons and results, rather than being confined to ‘lock and load’ cumbersome and linear solutions.

Impactive learning model

Women & Leadership Australia's suite of market leading programs provide best of breed leadership development and immerse participants in an experience informed by the complexities and opportunities of being a female leader today. Through a deep understanding of the needs of female leaders at every stage of their journey, we have created a rich and empowering learning environment which is singularly geared to enabling each participant to achieve their own unique vision of success.

Highly interactive and engaging

Live sessions are designed to create maximum collaboration between participants and facilitators and drive long term learning outcomes.

Integrated, multi layered learning

Including high quality video tutorials, live group discussions, self-paced learning modules, interactive discussion boards and workplace based activities.

Accessible from any desktop or mobile device

Helping participants to minimise workplace distractions and additional costs through new tech, travel or accommodation.



The WLA Leadership Suite encompasses a series of targeted development interventions aimed at key milestones in the leadership journey. Each program is carefully engineered to reflect the challenges and opportunities commonly associated with that stage of development and to provide the knowledge and skills commensurate with elevated performance and growth.


Our programs are designed to engage female leaders in highly interactive, peer-oriented development environments. During the programs, activities are undertaken which develop participant connections; allowing cohorts to develop into tightly knit peer networks. The strong group dynamic which exists within our programs is fundamental to their success and greatly enhances the learning process.​


Our programs deliver practical learning outcomes designed to be immediately applicable within a professional environment, as such they are most beneficial when undertaken in conjunction with regular workplace responsibilities and commitments.​


This model is used extensively in WLA’s leadership programs, and is the result of intensive development and refinement over a number of years.

Dialogic Learning emphasises learning in which dialogue is both the objective and the mode of active learning in collaborative learning environments. Dialogic learning is central to an open, democratic and egalitarian learning setting where everyone can be heard and learning happens among participants (not ‘to’ them). Dialogic Learning should be collective (with everyone encouraged to contribute and participate), reciprocal (as much about listening to others as telling them something), supportive (free of fear of ‘errors’), cumulative (with discussion chains across and deeper into particular ideas) and purposeful (focused on working towards particular goals and objectives).

Dialogic learning
Applied work integrated learning
Reflective learning

Reflective Learning involves considering past and present work and life experiences in the context of trying new things or re-evaluating one’s beliefs, mindsets and behaviours. Reflective Learning is essential in accommodating new ideas, information and experience.

Dialogic Learning underpins rich reflection on applied work-integrated learning and peer interactions. The combination of these elements creates a very powerful learning methodology and is the foundation of WLA’s approach to leadership and applied management development.​

Applied Work Integrated Learning (WIL) works from the notion that learning that is drawn from and then re-embedded in real work contexts is much more likely to be rich, practical, meaningful and memorable. Based on the themes and challenges engaged within the ongoing coursework, participants are provided with (or build on their own) practical tool kits to take back into their regular work contexts, and are regularly prompted to re-connect and reflect on what they are noticing, applying and accommodating in their real work lives.

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