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Women & Leadership Australia launches inaugural Indigenous Women’s Leadership Symposium

The event will offer a safe space for Indigenous women to come together, share their wisdom, network with their peers and develop their leadership skills.

Nominations for the Australian Award for Excellence in Women's Leadership now open for 2020

Nominations are now open for the Australian Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership. Please nominate your friends and colleagues who deserve recognition for the amazing work they do.

Funding is available for women in the Horticulture sector to undertake leadership courses

Women working in the Horticulture industry can now apply for a scholarship to undertake a leadership course with Women & Leadership Australia. The partnership with Hort Innovation is designed to advance gender equality and women's leadership in Australia's horticulture industry.

Catherine Fox on the 2019 Australian and New Zealand Women's Leadership Symposiums

Catherine Fox writes a wrap up of the 2019 Australian and New Zealand Women's Leadership Symposium, looking at key themes, delegate experiences and the key takeaways from this year's theme of amplification.

September Aspire: Amna Karra-Hassan, the Balcony View, First Cohort in UK...

In this edition of Aspire, we speak with ALP graduate and Auburn Giants founder/president Amna Karra-Hassan, Suzi talks about the balcony view, we celebrate our first UK cohort, and much, much more.

Women in Transport Initiative Launched

Victoria's Department of Transport has chosen to take tangible steps towards supporting, promoting and advancing gender equality in their workplace, in collaboration with WLA.

Michael: Stop thinking about reasons why you can't do it.

Michael works in a leadership role at South 32 in Perth. His employer sent him to the Australian Women's Leadership Symposium. We had a chat to him about how he found the symp, what he learned and what he will implement when he gets back to work.

Suzi Finkelstein on why we shouldn't try to solve puzzles without seeing the picture on the lid.

Suzi explains why it is so important that we have a clear view of exactly what we are trying to achieve and the pieces we have to work with.

Aspire: Amplification, workplace innovation and awards

Welcome to the latest edition of Aspire, where we share the latest articles, perspectives and news from WLA and beyond.

Women & Leadership International celebrate their first cohort in the UK

Women & Leadership International, a sister company of Women & Leadership Australia, is excited to be celebrating their first cohort of leaders in the UK.