Identifying the barriers women face on their journey into leadership and clearing the path for female leaders to progress is now a focus area for many of the world’s leading organisations. Every year thousands of women independently choose WLA as their preferred leadership development provider. In many cases our participants go on to recommend our courses to other women within their organisations and we develop ongoing relationships with these organisations. As WLA’s reputation has grown a greater number of organisations across the world are seeking our support in providing tailored development solutions for their female leaders.

We also have a specific range of development courses for individuals.

Early Career

Leading EdgE

A four month development program for early career leaders and managers.

Advanced career

A twelve month development program for senior and executive leaders.


Intermediate Career


A seven month development program for middle to senior leaders.

There are three ways in which an organisation can choose to work with us​

Public Course Attendance Partnerships​

In-house Delivery Partnerships​

Custom Built Leadership Courses​

Public course attendance partnerships enable organisations to enrol participants into our public courses throughout the year at highly subsidised rates. Partners commit to a number of places in one or more courses annually. The places can be used throughout the year at their discretion. Organisations choosing this option typically see significant value in giving their female leaders opportunities to network with women from other organisations and industries.​​​

Our in-house delivery partnerships enable organisations to run any of our flagship courses exclusively for a cohort of their female leaders. Minimum numbers are required to undertake a course in-house; however special group rates are available. Organisations choosing this option typically see significant value in bringing female leaders across the organisation together.​

Our fully customised options enable us to work collaboratively with organisations to build bespoke courses to meet their specific needs. Organisations choosing this option typically have clearly identified development needs and are looking for highly bespoke and flexible solutions.​​

Fifteen years of experience has demonstrated to us that many women prefer and benefit more from gender-specific development experiences. We believe in creating ‘win win’ solutions for female leaders and their organisations, we use proven development strategies to create powerful role models capable of driving their organisations forward.​​





Inclusive Leadership


Enhancing organisational culture and performance through conscious awareness and inclusive leadership practices