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The Workplace Training and Advisory Australia operates several of Australia’s leading private adult education institutions including the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM), Women & Leadership Australia (WLA), the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) and Government & Public Sector Learning (GPS Learning). Focused on providing high touch, synchronous learning, WTAA’s development programs marry the very best in facilitated face-to-face group training with the latest advances in online education. In addition to an expansive range of leadership and management education services, WTAA’s relationship with a unique public and private sector stakeholder group enables it to track the ever changing needs of the Australian workforce. As a result of this expansive engagement, WTAA’s Seminars and Events arm has become one of Australia’s leading providers of professional development conferences covering such areas as employee engagement and wellbeing, diversity and gender equality, organisational culture and leadership and management.​

The National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) offers responsive and high-quality professional learning programs that focus on school leadership. NESLI provides school leaders with the skills, knowledge, frameworks and confidence to thrive in the complex leadership challenges they face in today’s school environment. NESLI’s professional learning programs enable educational leaders, schools and sectors to benefit from rigorous and evidence-based research, and to be informed by an exclusive network of global leaders, facilitators, practitioners and scholars. Our partners are Australian State and Territory Departments of Education, Australian Catholic dioceses, school clusters, individual schools, peak bodies and associations. NESLI undertakes work in all Australian schooling sectors with an ever-increasing presence in the schooling sectors of Asia and the United States.​

ASAM is one of Australia’s most respected and prolific providers of management and leadership education. Targeting all levels of organisational leadership, ASAM provides best of breed professional development to managers across all Australian sectors and industries. This expansive engagement underpins ASAM’s unique capacity to track ever-changing managerial needs in the contemporary marketplace, and has, over the past ten years, enabled ASAM to establish an evolving curriculum of dynamic and highly regarded courses.​

GPS Learning supports the optimal performance of Australia’s Federal, State and Local Government organisations through the provision of best practice leadership and management education. Through programs and events designed to offer genuinely transformational and sustainable change, GPS Learning exposes public sector leaders to globally sourced, best practice development tools, models, and educators. By fostering the highest standards in leadership practice across Australia’s public service, GPS Learning aims to create the conditions in which sector wide collaboration and enhancement can flourish.​​

Australian School of Applied Management
Government and Public Sector Learning
National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative
Workplace Training Advisory Australia

Through these dedicated initiatives, WTAA aims to continuously set new benchmarks in the provision of practice based leadership education both locally and internationally, supporting a broader objective to help build Australia’s standing as an exporter of creative, best-practice management education. All WTAA curricula adopts a blended learning methodology that is based on proven principles of adult learning, combining knowledge-sharing, experiential participation, practical application and reflection. Further, WTAA programs are grounded in evidence-informed managerial and leadership competencies that are explored in a practical context for maximum on-the-job applicability. WTAA’s vision and commitment to management development in Australia has attracted a high-calibre training faculty with expansive academic and managerial experience from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.​