Course Agenda 

WLA’s Leadership Recharge will provide participants with a dynamic, learning and reflection experience, responsive to the evolving situation. 

Key Themes


Course Outcomes

The program is delivered online in compact sessions to ensure maximum accessibility.

Leading in times of disruption and complexity Trauma Informed Leadership

Typical Disaster Recovery vs Covid Disaster Recovery

Surge Capacity

2020 – 2021 From Thriving to Surviving

6 Principles of Adaptive Leadership with emphasis on principle #1 (Getting on the Balcony) and principle #3 (Regulating Distress)

Relevant insights from Crisis Leadership research and literature

What is Complex Decision Fatigue and how to manage it?

Moving Forward: How will work be different?

Where to from Here: what do we want to retain from pandemic times and what do we want to let go of?

Wellbeing for Leaders: Resilience, Line of Choice, Beyond Blue Continuum

Group Activation Sessions

Course Enrolment

All applicants enrolling into Leadership Recharge must satisfy WLA’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolments are at the discretion of the WLA Admissions Department. Enrolment details may be obtained by contacting the WLA Admissions Department.

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Course Fees

The standard course fee is $1295 + GST per participant. 

The coronavirus pandemic has already placed extraordinary demands on many and leaders, in particular, have been on the front lines for a long, long time. Many leaders are experiencing serious ‘carers’ load’ and ‘vicarious trauma’ as a result of their own and others challenges. The need for psychologically safe environments, to assist leaders to process their own experiences and find new reserves of energy to move forward, has never been more critical.

The coronavirus and our response to it is truly the issue of our time

Course Overview

This unique short course offers a timely opportunity for women leaders to explore their experience of crisis, and importantly, to take solace and nourishment from the fact they are not alone. Over a 5-week facilitated journey, participants will have an opportunity to reflect, regroup and refocus.

To commence the course, participants will gather together for a 3-hour online masterclass exploring the concept of crisis leadership and examine how leaders must adapt in times of crisis in order to both contain and interpret the unfolding uncertainty.

In the weeks following the masterclass, participants will transition into small groups to undertake four 90-minute activation sessions. Through these sessions, participants will spend time reflecting on their own experience of, and response to, the pandemic and its ongoing effects on their organisation. 


Assisting leaders to respond effectively through the current ambiguity


Enabling leaders to envisage and co-design the future of work


Supporting leaders to bear the weight of their current responsibility

Supporting and sustaining women leaders in the midst of the most disruptive upheaval in modern times.


Women & Leadership Australia’s​

Utilise principles of Adaptive and Trauma Informed Leadership

Equip yourself with new mindsets and skills to forge a way through the ambiguity 

Recharge your reserves to help you lead with renewed focus and enthusiasm in 2022

Understand and increase your Surge Capacity 

Connect with women leaders who are facing similar challenges and working towards similar goals

Attend to your own wellbeing and that of your team

Week 1

Expert Masterclass


Interactive Online

Week 2

Small Group Activation Session


Interactive Online

Week 3

Small Group Activation Session


Interactive Online

Week 4

Small Group Activation Session


Interactive Online

Week 5

Small Group Activation Session


Interactive Online

Session 1

Trauma Informed Principles​

Session 2

Adaptive Leadership Skills for Managing Change

Session 3

Strategies for Organisational Change

Session 4

Fostering Supportive Environments

Increase your capacity to stay the course – both professionally and personally

Transfer your learnings about crisis leadership to other future challenges