Suzi Finkelstein

Chief Executive Officer, Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM) and Women & Leadership Australia (WLA)

“Our work takes me to the coal face, creating a space for our female leaders to connect, identify and challenge the barriers they are facing both internally and externally. I deeply admire the women that I work with. It is so inspiring learning of their experiences, achievements and insights. We witness their empowerment as they discover their true potential. It is their courage, wisdom and ability that take them forward.”

Suzi has held various senior leadership roles with ASAM over the past 10 years, most recently as Global Executive Director of its ‘Women & Leadership’ entity, which works to increase gender equity through delivery of professional development in Australia and New Zealand. Having been instrumental in the strategic growth of Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) and Women & Leadership New Zealand (WLNZ), Suzi has built a powerful reputation for developing leaders and has become an influential role model.

To date, over 60,000 women across the globe have benefited from the women and leadership initiative Suzi has guided and championed. Based on this tremendous achievement, Suzi recently took the next step in her career to become Chief Executive Officer of WLA’s parent organisation, the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM). ASAM is a business unit of Navitas, which acquired the company in 2020.

ASAM delivers professional learning opportunities for educators through its National Excellence in Schools Leadership Institute (NESLI) - and development programs for the public sector through Government & Public Sector Learning (GPS) - with a strong focus on helping participants to develop their leadership skills while managing the realities of management. As CEO, Suzi continues to shape the growth of ASAM’s global women and leadership movement as well as using her skills and experience to guide these other brands that sit within the broader ASAM portfolio.

Suzi has spent over twenty years working in partnership with many of Australia's leading organisations to increase gender equity and support the advancement of female leaders. Working one-on-one with many thousands of individual female leaders, Suzi has developed a unique insight and awareness into the challenge’s women continue to face in the workforce today.

Her academic studies and ongoing research help to inform a rigorous, evidence-based approach to her work.