Dr. Terry Fitzsimmons on how we can tackle gender inequality in Australia  ​

one picture is police, firefighters and a politician standing together outside, chatting, the other picture is of a woman, smiling, with a badge pinned to her blazer

Terry Fitzsimmons is a long-time supporter and friend of Women & Leadership Australia (WLA). He is also the Managing Director of the Australian Gender Equality Council (AGEC).

The organisation works with a number of partners, member organisations and stakeholders, including WLA, with the aim of advancing gender equity in all areas of Australian society. AGEC members and partners meet annually to discuss the issues facing women in industries and areas of Australian society, and work together to look at potential solutions and how they might be able to implement them. 

We had a chat to him about gender equality in Australia - what causes it, the symptoms, some of the most worrying outcomes facing women in Australia today and what we can all do together to address not only the symptoms, but the root cause of gender inequality in Australia.