General Manager Partnerships and Alliances

“Working in the gender equality space has always been a dream of mine and I truly feel like we are making a difference, every single day. Leadership equality, diversity and inclusivity are such major issues and every day we come across challenges which do not necessarily have a simple solution. Through our events we help to facilitate discussions that make real everlasting change for both individuals and organisations. Gloria Steinem once wrote “You can’t empower women without listening to their stories” and I like to think that the events we create, elevate and highlight these stories whilst providing context, support and practical advice. WLA is one of the most dynamic, flexible and supportive places I have ever had the pleasure of working and I feel empowered to do my job well and with confidence.”

Veronica has been the General Manager Events for WLA for close to 4 years and heads up a team that runs over 30 events per annum. Her position involves the beginning to end production of speaker driven events that focus mainly on leadership and wellbeing. She works closely with her team to deliver a quality, world class experience. Veronica completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Event Management) in 2014 and has broad experience in all forms of event management including festivals, meeting, conferences, sporting events and expos. She has a specific interest in gender equity and is currently undertaking gender studies at Macquarie University. Before starting with WLA, Veronica worked over a 7 year period in the UK, Netherlands and Canada as a retail, projects and hospitality manager. She spent a great deal of time volunteering in Mexico with an orphanage and believes that it is possible for one person to make a world of difference in people’s lives.​