My life’s work is dedicated to uncovering and developing human potential and I see so much untapped potential in the world’s female leaders. As organisational cultures continue to become more diverse, great opportunities abound for talented young women to assume formal leadership positions and help mould the workplaces of the future.

By creating dedicated spaces for connection, consideration and growth, we offer opportunities for female leaders to begin to realise their own potential. I never tire of witnessing this transformation. It is as exciting and rewarding to me today as it has ever been.

Through Women & Leadership Australia I have been privileged to work alongside some amazingly talented women and truly innovative organisations. Being at the coalface of change and working with organisations to improve equality and inclusivity is incredibly rewarding and humbling.

Although it is disappointing that there is still so much to be done if we are ever to reach true gender equality, with the ongoing fight for change comes huge potential. Through connecting and developing Australia’s female leaders and learning from each other, we have an opportunity to create a powerful groundswell of awareness and action that will benefit women and men everywhere.

I know I speak for the whole of the WLA team when I say we are tremendously passionate about the work that we do and often humbled by the incredible stories we hear. As the we continue to extend our reach out across Australasia, North America and more recently the UK, I look forward to learning from and sharing in the experiences of female leaders across the globe.  


Kind regards,



Suzi finkelstein

Director, Leadership and Advocacy