Women in Transport initiative launched 

The Victorian Department of Transport has chosen to take tangible steps towards supporting, promoting and advancing gender equality in their workplace.

Under a new Women in Transport initiative, the Department is running two leadership development programs for female employees working across all public transport agencies in Victoria: WLA's Executive Ready Program for middle leaders and Advanced Leadership Program for senior leaders. The programs have been collaboratively designed with the Department of Transport and are being facilitated by WLA's expert coaches.

The programs are open to women employees working in Victoria’s transport industry, and are bringing together a wide variety of workers from all sides of the sector to develop their leadership skills, build valuable networks and move up in their organisations.

“Collaboration between government and transport operators/agencies has been recognized globally as a key strategy for addressing the under-representation of women in transport," a spokesperson for the Department of Transport said. "The sector-wide investment in this leadership initiative demonstrates a strong commitment to the advancement of women in our sector.

“The objective of the Women in Transport initiative is to create more effective organisational leaders in transport, and to increase the pool of talented women available to assume leadership roles. In providing development opportunities specifically for women, these courses are also an opportunity for our industry to network and collaborate with other leaders across the transport sector. The momentum created by this and other initiatives will transform transport into a more diverse and inclusive industry.”

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Betti Tovishazy, General Manager of Client Solutions, said of the initiative, “WLA is proud to be collaborating with the Department of Transport in order to deliver these bespoke programs to their employees in-house.

“WLA runs a number of public programs and tailored programs for clients, for emerging, middle and senior leaders in all industries and workplaces, with the aim of imbuing women with the confidence, clarity and skills they need to be effective leaders in the workplace and community more broadly.”

Based on a simple truth, that women still represent an enormously under-utilised national resource, WLA is dedicated to developing female leaders and supporting the increased presence of women in business and community leadership roles. Industries and workplaces interested in supporting women and advancing gender equity in their organisation are invited to get in touch with WLA and find out if we can help you to provide a solution.

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