Conflict Coaching

Specialised 1:1 support for individuals navigating a specific conflict in the workplace.

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Program Snapshot

Ideal for

Staff at all levels navigating a specific conflict


All genders


2 or more 90-minute sessions


1:1 online coaching
Megan Ibrahim

We all inevitably deal with conflict in the workplace from time to time. But when conflict arises, it can drain our time and attention, distracting from our strategic and day-to-day priorities. Conflict Coaching provides targeted support to help people efficiently manage conflict, reduce the impact on the business, and maintain effective relationships throughout the process.

Megan Ibrahim
Acting General Manager, Women & Leadership Australia
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Program Overview

Conflict coaching provides timely, personalised support for staff and reduces the impact of conflict on individuals and teams.

By equipping staff with personalised conflict management skills, organisations can protect against the reduced productivity, absenteeism and unhealthy workplace culture that can be caused by workplace conflict.

Individuals who are supported with Conflict Coaching will benefit from improved self-awareness, practical strategies and communication skills to reduce and effectively manage current and future conflict.

Guided by an expert conflict coach through two or more 90-minute sessions, Conflict Coaching is available for individuals involved in a specific conflict in the workplace.

Participant Profile

Conflict Coaching is ideal for individuals who are navigating a specific conflict in the workplace. Conflict coaching is suitable for staff of all genders, across all sectors and industries.

When Conflict Coaching can help

Conflict Coaching is particularly impactful when a workplace conflict arises, demanding the time and attention of staff and leaders.


Unlike standard coaching, Conflict Coaching offers a specific model designed to help individuals build self-awareness, broaden their perspective, and develop a plan of action in response to a current conflict in the workplace.


Conflict Coaching gives people the tools they need to navigate conflict and provides independent support and guidance.

Individuals will benefit from conflict coaching when

  • Personality clashes between colleagues or team members are causing disruption
  • Leaders are managing performance issues with staff in their teams
  • Competing priorities and opinions are impeding team outputs
  • Relationships and trust need to be rebuilt after conflict

Learning Outcomes

Conflict Coaching can provide participants with:

Increased perspective and clarity on the situation

Enhanced self-awareness

Opportunities to practice conflict resolution strategies

A personalised plan for action

Program Experience

Conflict Coaching sessions are 90minutes in duration and are conducted 1:1 with individual participants who are involved in a specific conflict in the workplace. We recommend two or more coaching sessions, depending on the participant’s circumstances and needs.

Our qualified coaches are equipped with specialist expertise in conflict management and resolution. With experience across a wide range of sectors, industries and organisations, our coaches provide a structured coaching experience, drawing on proven strategies tailored to the individual needs and circumstances of participants.

All coaching sessions are confidential and adhere to the code of ethics established by the International Coaching Federation.

Enquiries and Enrolments

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