Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (Terms) govern your registration and purchase of tickets for, and attendance at, events held or organised by Women & Leadership Australia (Events). It is your responsibility to read these Terms prior to registering or purchasing tickets for an Event.


By registering or purchasing tickets for, or attending, an Event, you agree to be bound by these Terms. We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any time, and will provide the most recent version on our website www.wla.edu.au.


In these Terms, the terms “Women & Leadership Australia”, “WLA”, “we”, “us”, and “our” are references to Workplace Training and Advisory Aust Pty Ltd ABN 39 127 679 010 trading as Women & Leadership Australia, and “you” refers to the individual or business purchasing tickets or registering for or attending Events and any of their successors, heirs or assigns.


1. Event Bookings and Ticket Purchase

1.1. A list of upcoming Events, and ticket and group booking prices are available on our website.

1.2. Ticket prices are subject to change, and WLA may update the pricing on its website at any time.

1.3. You may make a booking and/or purchase a ticket for an Event:

      1.3.1. online via our website www.wla.edu.au; or

      1.3.2. by submitting a request for a manual invoice to events@wla.edu.au with the name of the Event, location, number of tickets, and requested invoicing details.

1.4. Full payment must be received 30 days from the invoice date or 10 business days prior to the Event, whichever date falls first. If we do not receive full payment by this time, the booking will be cancelled and you will be sent a cancellation email.

1.5. Your booking is confirmed when payment is received. We will maintain a list of confirmed and paid-up attendees for each Event, and you may gain entrance to the Event by collecting your name badge from WLA staff at the Event. You will not receive a hard copy or electronic ticket.

1.6. Registrations and bookings cannot be shared amongst multiple people, only one person per ticket is allowed.


2. Refunds, Credit and Transfers

2.1. All ticket sales and group bookings are final. No refund will be given except where we cancel or reschedule Events (see clause 3 below). For clarification, you are not entitled to a refund if:

      2.1.1. You did not enjoy the Event or you do not feel the Event met your requirements;

      2.1.2. You are no longer able to attend the Event; or

      2.1.3. You arrive late or are refused entry or are required to leave for reasons outlined in section 5.1 below.

2.2 If you are unable to attend an Event, you may transfer your registration for that Event to another person provided:

      2.2.1. The request is submitted in writing to events@wla.edu.au; and

      2.2.2. The request is received more than 3 business days ahead of the Event.


3. Postponement, Cancellation or Relocation of Events

3.1. Due to circumstances outside of WLA’s control, it is possible we may need to cancel, postpone, or change the venue of an Event.

3.2. WLA will make all reasonable effort to inform ticket holders of any such changes with as much notice as possible by sending an email to the address you provided to us and putting a notice on our website www.wla.edu.au.

3.3. Should your Event be cancelled or postponed by WLA:

      3.3.1. in circumstances where the Event is cancelled or postponed due to a Force Majeure Event, you will be given a credit note for the ticket price to put towards another of our Events that occurs within 12 months of the originally scheduled date of the cancelled Event (no refunds will be issued);

      3.3.2. in circumstances where we cancel the Event for any reason other than a Force Majeure Event, you will be provided with a credit note or refund for the ticket price.

3.4. We reserve the right to make changes to the agenda, format, speakers, location and any other aspect of any Event without notice, and we may change an Event’s venue or any of the other published particulars relating to an Event, or withdraw any invitation to attend, without liability to you.


4. Acknowledgement of COVID-19 and other risks

4.1. You acknowledge that the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and any resulting disease (together with any variation thereof, COVID-19) is a highly contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death, and there is an inherent danger and risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any place where people are present; no safety protocols can eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19; while people of all ages and health conditions can be and have been adversely affected by COVID-19, (i) people with certain underlying medical conditions are or may be especially vulnerable; and (ii) the risk of severe illness from the contraction of COVID-19 increases steadily with age, and contracting COVID-19 can result in the further transmission of COVID-19 to family members, and other persons in proximity to you; and exposure to COVID-19 can result in subsequent quarantine, illness, disability, other short-term and long-term physical and/or mental health effects, and/or death, regardless of age or health condition at the time of exposure and/or infection.

4.2. You accept personal responsibility for your voluntary attendance at any Event and acknowledge and agree that, in the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by WLA, entry to the Event venue and attendance at the Event is entirely at your own risk and you assume all risks, hazards and dangers related to entry into, and presence in, at and around the Event, which may include an increased risk of exposure to communicable diseases, personal injury or death.


5. Event Conduct

5.1. You are expected to behave in a professional and appropriate manner at all Events. We reserve the right to refuse entry to or expel from any Event anyone that we determine in our sole discretion is behaving in a manner that could be disruptive to the Event or pose any danger to any other attendee. You agree that in such event, you shall not be entitled to a refund of any portion of amounts paid.

5.2. You acknowledge that cameras, audio and video recorders may not be permitted at certain Events. WLA will advise whether this is the case at each Event.

5.3. WLA films portions of and photographs every Event. You consent to being filmed or photographed by WLA (or its representatives) and to WLA using your name, likeness, image and/or voice in such photographs or films for the purpose of promoting our Events, services and products. No remuneration is payable for such use.

5.4. Due to the uncertainty related to COVID-19, your admission to an Event venue and attendance at the Event is subject to any health and safety policies, assessments, precautions or protocols put in place by local, state and federal governmental agencies, the venue operator, or by WLA or third parties, including requirements relating to face masks and/or enhanced health screenings (Safety Protocols). You agree to comply with any such Safety Protocols. Failure to comply with Safety Protocols shall authorise us and the venue operator to refuse admission to the Venue, or eject any entrant from the Venue or Event, without refund in each case. You acknowledge that any Safety Protocols are not diagnostic and do not eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

5.5. Views expressed by any attendee, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor at an Event are their own. WLA shall have no liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any attendee, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor at the Event or in any material provided to attendees.


6. Personal information

6.1. By submitting registration details, you agree to allow WLA to process all personal information provided in such registration in accordance with WLA’s privacy policy (available https://www.navitas.com/privacy_policy) and acknowledge that such processing may include such personal information being held by WLA on a database and, where legally permitted, being shared with other parties within Australia and internationally. You agree and acknowledge that any personal information submitted to WLA in connection with the Event may be shared with (a) affiliates of WLA; (b) event sponsors; (c) third parties providing services specific to the Event attendance including, but not limited to: registration providers, event app providers, networking providers; (d) third parties (exhibitors, sponsors, media partners etc.) hosting workshops or exhibits in connection with the Event; and (e) government entities and regulatory authorities as required by law.

6.2. You consent to your details being shared with the parties referred to in section 6.1 and agree and acknowledge that such parties may contact you in the future. You acknowledge that there may be certain areas of the Event at which your attendance is conditional on your personal information being provided to third parties which have sponsored or are managing such areas. You further agree and acknowledges that their personal information may be used to create a delegate list (physical or digital) for the Event containing your name, company and job title, and that such list may be shared with other Event attendees; Entrants who do not wish to be included on such list must so advise WLA at the time of booking. All processing of personal information set forth in this section 6 is subject to privacy legislation. The use that any third parties make of your personal information is outside of WLA’s control and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, WLA does not accept any liability in this regard.


7. Limitation of Liability

7.1. You acknowledge and agree that, to the extent the law allows, WLA’s liability is limited to the Event fee and, save in relation to any negligence or other breach of duty by WLA or its officers, directors, manager(s), employees, agents, affiliates, shareholders/members, successors, and assigns (Released Parties), WLA and its Released Parties will not be liable for any costs, damages, or expenses incurred by you as a result of your attendance at an Event or any cancellation, deferral, reschedule, or change of venue of an Event.

7.2. To the extent permitted by law, you hereby irrevocably and forever release, waive and discharge WLA and its Released Parties from any and all claims that you or any attendees at an Event may have against the Released Parties that relate to any of the risks and hazards descried in section 5 above or damage to personal property, in each case howsoever caused other than where caused by the negligence, reckless or wilful conduct or intentional acts of WLA or its Released Parties.

7.3. Where our liability cannot be excluded, such as in relation to Consumer Guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law or other prescribed terms under legislation, our liability for breach is limited to the face value of the ticket purchased by you, plus any relevant booking and delivery fees.

7.4. We will be excused from performance under these Terms and in relation to Events to the extent such performance is affected by a Force Majeure Event.


8. Miscellaneous

8.1. These Terms shall in respects be governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. You submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Victoria to determine any matter or dispute which arises under these Terms.

8.2. If any provision of these Terms is deemed invalid or unenforceable, all or part of that provision will be severed from the Terms and will not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms.

8.3. No waiver of any term shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term. Any failure to assert any right under the Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right.

8.4. In these Terms, a “Force Majeure Event” means any of the following (whether or not foreseeable or anticipated): acts of God, terrorism, war, civil unrest, strike or labour dispute, lack of transportation, breakdown, labour or material shortage, blockade or embargo, supplier failure, epidemic or pandemic, government restriction or recommendation, legal requirement, extreme weather, earthquake, drought, fire, flood, explosion, natural disaster, and/or any other event, cause or circumstance that is beyond our reasonable control.

8.5. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between WLA and you in relation to the Events.