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As part of the 2023 Women’s Leadership Symposium, Women & Leadership Australia is offering sixty-four (64) full-attendance grants (valued at over $70,000) to women who play active leadership roles within their communities and organisations, but who would otherwise be unable to attend the Symposium due to a lack of funding or employer support.


The purpose of the grants is to ensure the views of a diverse range of women are represented at the event and to help support the development of strong and effective leadership across Australia’s various sectors and communities. Women & Leadership Australia appreciates that the cost of participating in the Symposium can be out of reach for those who work within particular sectors or who come from different backgrounds and experiences, so the grants have been created to provide an opportunity for these women to also get involved in the event, and connect, share ideas and enhance their leadership skills.


The grants will be awarded to current and aspiring women and gender diverse leaders.


8 Full-Attendance Grants available for each:

The Brisbane Women’s Leadership Symposium, Friday 12th May 2023

The Canberra Women’s Leadership Symposium, Friday 23rd June 2023

The Melbourne Women’s Leadership Symposium, Friday 4th August 2023

The Sydney Women’s Leadership Symposium, Friday 25th August 2023


32 Full-Attendance Grants available for:

The Online Women’s Leadership Symposium, Friday 1st September 2023


Grant Selection Criteria:

  • We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to apply.

  • We encourage women of colour, women who are culturally and linguistically diverse, or from other diverse backgrounds to apply.

  • We encourage women with disabilities to apply. If successful, we will work with you to support your attendance at the Symposium.

  • Applicants usually identify as women. However, we also welcome anyone who identifies as non-binary, a-gender and gender non-conforming to apply.

  • Applicants who are emerging and/or aspiring leaders who play active roles at community, local, and state levels, and within the not-for-profit sector, will be highly regarded.

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older from the date of the event they are applying to attend.

* This information helps us to ensure a diverse and equitable allocation of grants.

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