Senior Facilitator

Master of Educational Psychology, University of Sydney
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of New South Wales


Areas of specialisation
Facilitation, Women’s Leadership, Adult Development


Dr Jase Moussa-Inaty is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology based in Sydney, Australia. Her area of expertise is in cognitive psychology. Since 1994, she has had various leadership experiences from supervising a day care, counselling, and teaching school students, to lecturing in higher education.

Dr. Moussa-Inaty was the Assistant Dean of the College of Education at Zayed University and taught both graduate and undergraduate courses, many of which included a focus on leadership and entrepreneurship. She received the Outstanding Faculty and Staff Award in 2014-2015. Dr. Moussa-Inaty also Chaired the Student Happiness Committee.

While in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Moussa-Inaty worked with the Ministry of Education on designing school curricula and writing children’s books related to cultural tolerance and acceptance. She also served as a consultant to the Minister of State for Tolerance and worked on National initiatives related to happiness and tolerance.

Today Dr. Moussa-Inaty is a casual academic at Charles Sturt University and is actively engaged in conducting research. Dr. Moussa-Inaty has researched widely in cognitive load theory and has specifically conducted empirical studies on the impact of spoken English on learning English as a Foreign Language. She has also published a book titled “The impact of spoken English on learning English as a foreign language”. Dr. Moussa-Inaty’s emerging area of research interest is leadership and cognitive load. It is her belief that understanding how cognitive load in the workplace impacts well-being can have a direct impact on leadership skills and productivity.

Dr. Moussa-Inaty thoroughly enjoys what she does, be it in the area of consulting, teaching, or researching. Her passion for continued learning and growth makes her a role model for aspiring female leaders.


Previous/Current Clients

Charles Sturt University, Zayed University, Ministry of Education.