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Short Online Course

in Action

Enhance team performance and culture through inclusive leadership practices

Develop the signature traits of an inclusive leader

Improve team performance, culture, and collaboration

Increase inclusion and embrace diversity

2 x Online Workshops

+ Self-Directed Study




Empowering Leaders to be Confident Champions of Inclusion

Inclusive workplaces benefit everyone. Staff feel valued and supported, team cohesion is strengthened, innovation thrives, and business outcomes improve. An inclusive workplace is one that embraces diversity, embeds equity and practices inclusion. All workplaces are diverse, but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re inclusive, or that all people have equitable access to opportunity. Inclusion is a sense of belonging and is evident when all people – regardless of their sexuality, gender identity, cultural background, religious beliefs, political affiliation, socio-economic status or other personal attribute – feel valued, respected and psychologically safe.


Evaluate inclusive approaches to leadership.


Explore what it means and looks like to be an inclusive leader


Examine implicit biases and assumptions in the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion


Investigate strategies for creating psychological safety within diverse teams


Understand and embrace the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion

This Program is For:

Leaders and managers of any level.

People involved in diversity, equity and inclusion workplace strategies. 

For organisations that wish to extend this knowledge to a broader audience, this program can also be a valuable way to increase psychological safety and social capital amongst staff.

During the program participants will work collaboratively to:

“This program enables leaders to think and act more inclusively, to create real change across their teams. It provides the practical skills for leaders at all levels to make inclusion part of everyday thinking and behaviour.”

Dr Janet Smith

Director of Programs, Australian School of Applied Management

Module Themes

Segmented into five distinct but complimentary themes, the program engages participants in an exploration of inclusive leadership practices. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the benefits to their team and organisation, and their important role in championing and driving inclusion in the workplace.


What is diversity and inclusion and why does it matter?​


What is inclusive leadership?


Creating psychological safety


Addressing unconscious bias


Language and application

Participant Experience

Delivered online over three half-day modules with the support of an expert facilitator, this program is designed to be both engaging and challenging, without overburdening busy professionals. Through supportive exploration, participants are encouraged to re-evaluate their leadership approach and envisage new ways of thinking and acting.

Self-directed learning: 3.5 hours 

Participants begin by exploring diversity, equity and inclusion principles at their own pace, supported by comprehensive online learning materials. This module includes authentic examples and scenarios to increase participants’ understanding of the lived experience of diversity, and what equity and inclusion means for diverse people as well as organisations. Our online learning management system allows participants to engage with learning materials at any time from any device.

Online workshops: 2 x 3.5 hours 

Guided by an expert facilitator, two half-day online workshops introduce participants to actionable strategies to build their own inclusive leadership practices. Challenged to view inclusive leadership through a new lens, participants work collaboratively to identify achievable strategies for themselves and their organisations, including issues such as psychological safety, addressing unconscious bias, and building inclusive workplace cultures.


The Australian School of Applied Management works with large groups, organisations and leadership teams to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders.

Contact the Australian School of Applied Management’s Admissions Team to find out more and enrol in this program.

Supporting Leadership Excellence Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For more than fifteen years, the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM) has been providing best-practice leadership development programs for individuals, teams and organisations. Committed to leadership excellence, our world class learning solutions support organisations of all sizes to accelerate their leadership capability and achieve their unique goals. We know that embracing and leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion is intrinsic to great leadership – and drives powerful outcomes for employees, businesses and the communities we operate in.

Women & Leadership Australia champions increased gender equity in Australian workplaces by providing world-class leadership development programs, high profile national events, and the annual Australian Awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership.

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