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Leadership Colloquium

A comprehensive leadership development program customisable for teams at all levels

The Leadership Colloquium is our flagship development program for leadership teams and groups. Customisable to your organisation’s needs, this comprehensive program provides the transformative mindsets and behaviours that will accelerate your leadership team’s performance. Our emphasis on applied learning ensures participants can immediately put their learnings into practice, while building their capacity and confidence to take on increased responsibility.

Karen Taylor

CEO Women & Leadership Australia

Ideal for

Leadership teams and groups at all levels 


7 months


2 hours per week


Online or blended 

Participant Profile

The Leadership Colloquium is suitable for groups of leaders at any level. Speak to us about customising the program for emerging, middle or senior leaders in your organisation. 

Learning outcomes

In this program participants will: 

Build their self-awareness and develop a personal leadership vision

Enhance emotional intelligence to create effective communication skills

Understand and address team dysfunctions to improve team culture

Boost coaching, mentoring skills, deliver effective feedback in challenging situations.

Build capacity for innovation within their team and lead change within the organisation 

Define strategic direction, reflect on team's capability and performance

Understand leadership practices, deepen collaboration, and connect with peers.

Program moduless

A comprehensive exploration of effective leadership:

Leadership and authenticity 

Explore the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership. Embrace strengths-based approach for effective leadership.

Communication, presence and influence

Participants explore their preferred style of communication and the impact on others, and effective communication and influencing skills at an interpersonal, departmental, and organisational level.​ 

Team dynamics​ 

Participants explore managing diverse groups, high-performing team qualities, and effective strategies to foster supportive teamwork cultures.

Driving performance 

Participants understand how to provide feedback and motivate their team to exceed performance expectations, and discover techniques for coaching others.​

Leading innovation and change 

Participants explore the leadership skills involved in driving innovation and change, discuss the way in which innovation and change are inextricably intertwined, and learn how to engage others in change.​ 

Problem solving and decision making 

Participants will learn how the framing of a problem affects the analysis and decisions that stem from it, consider how their cognitive and emotional abilities work together to inform how they make decisions, and learn how to match decision making styles to the needs of the problem.​ 

Purpose, priorities and professional development​ 

Participants will learn to develop effective work goals and behaviours to competently manage work priorities, and explore the critical elements of establishing personal work objectives and building competence.​  

Program experience

A customisable experience for your leadership team 

The program delivery is tailored to your organisation's needs and workplace rhythms. This is a unique opportunity to develop your teams' skills and enable them to continue to be highly effective in their day-to-day work.

A sample schedule could involve: 

  • 360° feedback survey prior to commencement 

  • Blended or online delivery over seven months 

  • 3 full-day workshops (online or face-to-face) 

  • 6 interactive 90-minute webinars 

  • Self-directed online learning 

  • 4 peer coaching sessions or personalised leadership coaching sessions

Enquiries and enrolments

We work with large groups, organisations and leadership teams to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders. 

Contact us for a tailored proposal that meets your organisation’s needs.  

Program overview

Empower your leaders with a transformational leadership development experience

For almost 20 years’ we have been supporting leadership transformation in organisations of all sizes and across all industries. This program brings together our extensive experience with the latest research and best practice leadership approaches to optimising team performance, building trust, enhancing inclusivity and increasing staff engagement. 

Delivered through a combination of expert-facilitated workshops, self-paced learning, peer coaching and workplace application, the program supports a range of learning styles and maintains a high level of participant engagement.  

Best-practice leadership mindsets and behaviours to boost your team’s performance

Comprehensive leadership development program for teams and groups

Customisable to suit your organisation’s goals and workplace rhythms 

Blended or fully online delivery options 

Suitable for groups of emerging, middle or senior leaders 

Applied learning delivers immediate results in the workplace

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