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Leadership Development 

A customisable short course for teams addressing critical elements of effective and inclusive leadership​ 

All leaders benefit from having a toolkit of best-practice skills and strategies to draw on. And leadership teams are stronger when they can come together to build their capacity, leverage their diversity and develop a shared understanding of leadership. This program is perfect for organisations looking for targeted, cost-effective leadership development experience.

Karen Taylor

CEO Women & Leadership Australia

Ideal for

Leadership teams and groups at all levels 


1 day 


Online or face-to-face 

Participant Profile

The Leadership Development Toolkit is designed for leadership teams and groups at all levels and across all industries.  

Program overview

Upskill your leadership team with a targeted development experience 

Offering high-impact, applied learning, the one-day Leadership Development Toolkit is perfect for organisations looking for targeted, cost-effective staff development. By selecting from nine practical modules, organisations can tailor the program to their unique needs and goals.  

Bring your leaders together to build capacity, leverage diversity and develop shared knowledge  

Guide and support the next generation of leaders 

Select the leadership modules that meet your organisation’s needs 

Face-to-face or online delivery 

Develop shared understanding of leadership best-practice 

Accelerate leadership potential and embrace a ‘leader as learner’ mindset 

Understand how to engage more effectively with stakeholders and team members.

Identify and respond to challenges within the team and organisation  

Leverage the combined expertise of peers to progress individual and collective growth. 

Learning outcomes

Program modules options

The one-day workshop is comprised of two units. We can work with you to select the units best aligned to your organisation’s needs and goals.

Choosing your leadership approach

In a changing world, leaders must understand their identity and values. This unit explores leadership models, emphasising adaptability in complex situations.

Strengthening personal and organisational wellbeing 

In today's workplaces, burnout is common. This unit focuses on resilience, helping participants overcome challenges, bounce back, and maintain wellbeing to prevent burnout.

Communicating with purpose 

This unit explores effective communication for improved relationships, collaboration, shared understanding, conflict reduction, and robust outcomes in organisations.

Achieving results through others

This unit will explore the key principles of human motivation and how to tap into other people’s personal sources of motivation to achieve results. 

Building a high-performance team 

This unit examines strategies to build a high-performing team culture that embodies high levels of commitment and accountability.

Creating a winning culture 

Leaders play a vital role in fostering an inclusive, diverse culture for achieving objectives. This unit offers practical tools for building an effective and inclusive culture.

Making good decisions 

This unit provides insight and practical approaches to improve the quality of problem-solving and decision-making

Leading change 

This unit explores ways to engage others in change, deal with resistance to change and manage stakeholders, so that they can achieve their own change initiatives. 

Prioritising energy and focus 

Balancing leadership, workload, and limited energy is challenging. This topic explores prioritising energy for maximum performance and effective leadership.

Program experience

The Leadership Development Toolkit is a one-day development experience delivered face-to-face or online by our expert facilitators at your workplace. 

The course is divided into two distinct but complementary units which are selected by participating organisations based on their needs and preferences.​ 

Sample Agenda​

9:00am -12:30pm: Unit 1  

12:30pm - 1:30pm: Lunch break 

1:30pm - 5:00pm: Unit 2 

Enquiries and enrolments

We work with large groups, organisations and leadership teams to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders.   

Contact us for a tailored proposal that meets your organisation’s needs.  

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