Schools Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

A group development program designed to give schools practical and measurable tools to improve staff wellbeing

Schools Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

Program Snapshot

Ideal for

All school staff




5 x 1-hour sessions

Total learning time

10 professional learning hours for participants, and 20 professional learning hours for toolkit leaders




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I’m pleased because the Toolkit has improved the wellbeing of those staff who participated - our results indicate as much. Staff wellbeing was one of our focuses for this year – it is a focus every year of course, but we wanted to attempt something more direct. Naturally, the improvements in wellbeing have significant ongoing benefits for the learning community, which makes for a happier school and an easier life for me.

Matthew Green
Principal, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College
Office Background Schools Staff Wellbeing Toolkit

Program Overview

A group development program giving schools practical and measurable tools to improve staff wellbeing.

The Schools Staff Wellbeing Toolkit offers school communities a way to work together to address common health and wellbeing issues. By building internal capability, schools can drive meaningful, long-term improvements without relying on costly external resources.

The Toolkit provides the equivalent of 10 professional learning hours for participants, and 20 professional learning hours for toolkit leaders.

A small investment for long term benefits in staff wellbeing and engagement

  • Research-based approach to building staff wellbeing and social capital
  • Self-paced & facilitated by a school leader and supported by best-practice resources
  • Designed to fit into existing school meetings
  • 5 x 1-hour modules
  • All-of-staff approach builds staff engagement and trust

A unique and proven wellbeing program with measurable outcomes

Embraced by education departments and Catholic dioceses across Australia, with nearly 10,000 staff from over 300 school participating so far. The Toolkit employs robust evaluation tools to provide schools with important measures of wellbeing and social capital, before and after delivery of the program.

Learning Outcomes

A program benefiting individual school staff and the whole school community.

Individuals develop a proactive approach to their own wellbeing

Understand mindsets and behaviours that supports wellbeing during challenging times

Teams and groups work collaboratively to support each other’s wellbeing

Improved student outcomes because of enhanced staff engagement and wellbeing

Work with peers to test assumptions, explore strategies, and refine approaches to issues.

Study Pathways

Toolkit Leaders who have delivered the Schools Staff Wellbeing Toolkit in their school, may be eligible for credit towards a Graduate Certificate of Wellbeing in Schools at ACAP. This credit pathway significantly reduces the time and cost involved in studying a Graduate Certificate.

Toolkit Modules

The toolkit consists of five 1-hour modules which the school can deliver at its own pace.

The critical importance of health and wellbeing​

Starting by exploring current wellbeing research and trends, this module focuses on the importance of prioritising your own wellbeing and incorporating practical strategies into life and work.

Know thyself: addressing and overcoming challenges

This module explores the psychological and physical effects of stress and anxiety. Participants are encouraged to identify their own stress and overload markers and consider practical brain tools.

Building and developing resilience​

Develop practical and effective ways to build both personal and team resilience, the focus of this module is identifying practical skills to maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Mastering the art of influence and wellbeing

Identify psychological tools to help staff master the art of influence, improve self-regulation and effectively influence others. This practice contributes to a culture that values wellbeing.

Career and professional wellbeing

Explore how aligning your passion, gifts and purpose with your work and career can enhance health and wellbeing.

Program Experience

This is a self-paced and self-facilitated development program designed to fit into existing school forums such as regular staff meetings, reducing the need for additional time away from regular duties.

There are five modules, which the school can rollout at its own pace. Each module includes short video and a 45-minute interactive peer learning session.

Example module flow:
  • Expert video tutorial​ – 15 min
  • Peer learning sessions facilitated by toolkit leader – 45 min
  • Optional extended learning – additional online resources

Enquiries and Enrolments

We work with school leadership teams, school groups and government departments to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders.

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