School Leadership Coaching

Fast-track your growth and leverage your strengths with personalised, one-to-one coaching support for school leaders at all levels.

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Program Snapshot

Ideal for

School leaders at all levels


All genders


One or more sessions


1 hour per session


1:1 coaching delivered online

Having a coach has helped me put a microscope on the things I need to work on as a leader. Which we then worked through in a proactive way. It’s helped me catch those opportunities to improve that I might not have seen ... When I’m dealing with big, complicated issues, it’s invaluable to have someone support me to work through the problem and also prompt me to make sure I’m taking care of myself at the same time.

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Program Overview

Leadership coaching is your fast-track to professional growth.

Through our School Leadership Coaching, we provide a tailored coaching experience for leaders at all levels in Australian schools that integrates the Instructional Coaching Cycle and the GROWTH Coaching Model.

Leadership coaching enables great leadership by providing a safe and supportive space for you to reflect, experiment, learn from mistakes, and ultimately grow. You’ll benefit from a truly personalised development experience, with flexible delivery that fits your schedule.

Our experienced coaches will tailor your sessions to your unique goals, adhering to best-practice models and ICF code of ethics.

Participant Profile

Providing personalised support, School Leadership Coaching is suitable for leaders at all levels, of all genders and across all schools. Coaching is delivered online, at a time that suits you, and is ideal for busy leaders seeking a tailored experience that is flexible and efficient.

Tailored coaching to help school leaders thrive

The School Leadership Coaching model integrates the Instructional Coaching Cycle and the GROW/GROWTH coaching model to provide a powerful educational lens for all coaching sessions. Our approach is also informed by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and/or the Australian Professional Standards for Principals, which will further contextualise the coaching conversations.

Combined, these various lens and models will scaffold and guide all conversations between the coach and coachee as they work together to identify goals, plan strategies, and monitor progress and growth. The School Leadership Coaching approach combines the Instructional Coaching Cycle and the GROW/GROWTH coaching model in the following way:


G: Goals - what will you need to achieve?
R: Reality - what is happening now?


O: Options - what could you do?
W: Will - what will you do?


T: Tactics - how and when will you do it?
H: Habits - how will you sustain your success?

Learning Outcomes

Define your personal learning goals with your coach in line with your needs and aspirations

Identify your leadership goals and areas for growth

Build self-awareness through reflecting on your current practices and context

Plan strategies to address complex challenges

Build sustainable practices to enhance your leadership capability and impact

Program Experience

Your 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions will be delivered virtually, at a time and frequency that suits you.


Our experienced coaches will tailor your sessions to your unique goals, using a range of proven tools and models, and focusing on cognitive and behavioural outcomes.


Through the coaching process, you will commit to a considered Development Action Plan aligned with your needs and goals. This approach equips you with practical strategies to effectively identify, understand and achieve your goals – and has been instrumental in supporting the development of thousands of our graduates.


Our coaches

Frequently Asked Questions

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching – sometimes called executive coaching or personal coaching – is a one-on-one development experience where you work with a qualified coach to identify your goals, and work towards them.

Leadership coaching provides a safe and supportive space for deepening your self-awareness, leveraging your strengths, exploring your blind spots, and uncovering new perspectives.


Is executive coaching the same as leadership coaching?

Yes, the terms can be used interchangeably. Both Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching are delivered by a qualified coach and offer a personalised development experience.


How many coaching sessions do I need?

You can choose to enrol in a single coaching session, or multiple sessions. Many coaching participants find three or more sessions allow them to make significant progress with the support of their coach. Discounted rates are available for three-session coaching packages.


What qualifications do Women & Leadership Australia coaches have?

Our coaches hold a range of coaching qualifications including International Coaching Federation accreditation, organisational coaching certification, conflict coaching certification, mediation accreditation and more. All of our coaches adhere to best-practice models and International Coaching Federation code of ethics.

Enquiries and Enrolments

To find out more or book a coaching session, fill out the enquiry form and one of our friendly Program Advisors will be in touch.

Fees and Inclusions

Standard coaching sessions are 60 minutes in duration and conducted online using Zoom video conferencing. Coaching fees are per participant.
  • Single session standard fee: $600 + GST
  • Three session package: $1,650 + GST

Large Group Enrolments

We work with large groups, organisations and leadership teams to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders. Contact us for a tailored proposal that meets your organisation’s needs.