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Women in Schools Advanced Leadership Program

Supporting the development of exceptional women leaders in Australian schools

I loved this course. The [program] represents the next level of learning in terms of gaining professional knowledge about key leadership issues within a school environment. Our facilitator was fantastic, continually providing feedback that was genuine, specific, and helpful ... The quality of the webinars was of a very high level and of the right frequency. I have already strongly recommended this course to several of my peers, two of whom are undertaking the course later this year.


Leader of Learning Support

Ideal for

Senior women leaders in schools


6-months, part-time


2 hours per week




Master of Educational Leadership 

Learn from the experts in school leadership

Benefit from our unparalleled expertise and nearly 20 years of experience in supporting women leaders in schools. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges school leaders encounter. By blending the latest research, leadership best practices, and peer learning experiences, you'll develop the essential skills, strategies, and networks you need to thrive.

I learnt to stop and take time for myself and importantly to reflect on my practice as a school leader. I really enjoyed getting to know the other participants and having meaningful learning discussions with the group. As a result I now consider others’ personality traits and learning styles. Ultimately, the course enabled me to grow as a leader and be proud of who I am. Thank you for my new knowledge and the comfort that I feel in my personal, professional skin.



[The] program has had a profound impact on my career, and has been without a doubt the best professional course I have ever done. I did the [program] whilst I was a deputy principal, and the skills and confidence that I gained throughout the program gave me the self-belief to apply for and get the position of principal. Don’t hesitate to do this program! It is interesting and invigorating but most importantly extremely helpful.



The course was exceptionally good for broadening my horizons towards future career progression, goal setting, developing mentoring and coaching skills, dealing with conflict, and setting up a strong professional network with other aspiring female leaders. I am happy to say that I am still in contact with a number of these wonderful women.


Head of Department 

Learning outcomes

Build the leadership capabilities to set you up for success

Develop the capabilities to lead successfully in the contemporary school environment

Enhance leadership capabilities through continuous self-development.

Apply case study learnings and adaptive leadership principles to broader contexts.

Work with peers to explore strategies, and refine approaches to common issues

Facilitate growth in others

Embrace a transformational ‘leader as learner’ mindset

Program modules

During the program you will explore: 

Mindful and authentic leadership

Identify the traits and behaviours that define exceptional leaders and consider how to synthesise your personal goals with your role to optimise your impact and stay focused.

Adaptive leadership

Explore the theory of Adaptive Leadership and the six principles that underpin the theory.

Conflict and feedback

Learn to reframe conflict and feedback as proactive performance management tools that can lead to better awareness and positive outcomes.

Mastering influencing and negotiation

Explore the psychology involved in influencing others and negotiating for a particular outcome.

Leading innovation and change

Identify your immunity to change and explore the barriers and resistance which can hinder innovation and change. Examine leadership challenges during times of crisis to understand how you can help build a flexible, agile organisation.

Wellbeing and resilience

Develop targeted strategies for managing the individual emotional demands associated with school leadership challenges.

Creating my path

Create a coherent and dynamic ‘game plan’ for future career and life fulfilment and consider the steps you need to take to fully realise your career potential.

Program experience

A high-impact development experience for women leaders.

The Women in Schools Advanced Leadership Program combines expert tuition, peer knowledge sharing, practical application, and personal reflection. Including interactive online sessions for rich discussion and debate, peer coaching sessions to develop coaching skills, self-directed learning with various resources accessible anytime. Giving school leaders an opportunity for collaboration, skill development, and practical learning. 

Enquiries and enrolments 

To enrol, fill out the enquiry form and one of our friendly Program Advisors will be in touch. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone now, please give us a call on: 

Program Fees 

Standard fee: $4,190 +GST 

The enrolment fee covers all tuition, program related materials and access to the online learning management system. 

Program overview

A transformational experience to help women leaders thrive

Tailored exclusively for senior women leaders in schools to address the specific challenges and aspirations you face. During the program, you’ll develop the interpersonal and behavioural skills vital for effective leadership.

Take your school leadership skills to the next level

Develop essential skills in communication, decision-making, and team building

6-month online program flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule

High impact, applied learning for immediate effect

Tailored to senior women leaders in primary and secondary schools

Expert facilitation, interactive webinars, peer coaching and self-paced learning modules

Connect with peers and build your supportive networks

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