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School Executive Leadership Colloquium

An integrated nine-month leadership program focusing on the critical dimensions of effective school leadership

The Colloquium provided an opportunity to refine my understanding of self, my language around leadership and my own leadership strengths ... The Colloquium continued to add depth of understanding, provide possible frameworks, and ideas for innovation, and affirm our future direction.


Deputy Principal

Ideal for

Senior leaders in schools


9 months, part-time




Master of Educational Leadership

Participant profile

The Schools Executive Leadership Colloquium is designed for those holding or aspiring to a senior leadership role within their school.

Program overview

A targeted and transformational experience for leaders in schools

Delivered for leadership groups within a school, school network or region, the program aligns activities and discussions to participants’ current experiences and challenges. This ensures the learning is contextualised for the group and can be put into immediate practice.

Explore the critical dimensions of effective school leadership

Group development experience for senior school leaders

9-month program, flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule

High-impact applied learning for immediate effect  

Expert facilitation, interactive webinars, peer coaching and self-paced learning modules

Engage in reflective practice around your own skills and knowledge​ 

Leverage the combined expertise of peers to progress individual and collective growth 

The sequencing of learning in the program was carefully structured, allowing learners to delve deeper into the resources as we progressed through the course.

Darran Stutz-Grimmond

Middlemount Community School

The Colloquium provided an opportunity to refine my understanding of self, my language around leadership and my own leadership strengths. Within our school, we have been working on moving towards a collaborative culture built on a foundation of collective efficacy. The Colloquium continued to add depth of understanding, provide possible frameworks, ideas for innovation and affirm our future direction.

Joseph Mount

FCJ College Benalla

I really enjoyed the course. The most valuable part was the coaching aspect and having a buddy to rehearse coaching conversations with. I also found the different models useful and still use them, especially the IDEO model and SWOT analysis.

Nicholas Smith

St John’s Grammar School

Develop the capabilities to lead successfully in the contemporary school environment.

Leverage existing leadership capabilities and engage in a process of continuous self-development.

Apply the learning gained from scenarios and adaptive leadership principles to broader contexts.

Work with peers to test assumptions, explore strategies, and refine approaches to issues.

Support the application of learning to school practices and context.

Embrace a transformational ‘leader as learner’ mindset and facilitate growth in others.

Learning outcomes

Program modules

During the program you will explore: 

Leadership and authenticity

This module introduces participants to a values-based leadership framework as they take a deep dive into the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership, exploring what it takes to be an effective school leader using a strengths-based approach.

Communication, presence, and influence

Participants explore their preferred style of communication and the impact on others, and effective communication and influencing skills at an interpersonal, departmental, and school level.

Team dynamics

Participants explore the practical implications of managing diverse and challenging groups, examine the qualities shared by high-performing teams, and identify effective strategies to foster cultures that support optimal teamwork.

Driving performance

Participants understand how to provide feedback and motivate their team to exceed performance expectations, ensuring consistency with organisational objectives, and discover techniques for coaching others.

Problem-solving and decision making

How the framing of a problem affects the analysis and decisions that stem from it, consider how their cognitive and emotional abilities work together to inform how they make decisions, and learn how to match decision making styles to the needs of the problem.​ 

Purpose, priorities, and professional development​

Participants will learn to develop effective work goals and behaviours to competently manage work priorities, and explore the critical elements of establishing personal work objectives and building competence.​ 

Program experience

The Schools Executive Leadership Colloquium is a comprehensive program that combines expert tuition, peer knowledge sharing, practical application, and personal reflection.

Including interactive online sessions for rich discussion and debate, peer coaching sessions to develop coaching skills, self-directed learning with various resources accessible anytime, and a Professional Leadership Project to apply leadership models and strategies in real-world scenarios. Giving school leaders an opportunity for collaboration, skill development, and practical learning.

Enquiries and enrolment

We work with school leadership teams and school groups to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders.

We work with large groups, organisations and leadership teams to deliver tailored development experiences for leaders of all genders. 

Contact us for a tailored proposal that meets your organisation’s needs.  

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