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Four high-impact masterclasses to boost your leadership capacity

You’re busy – you’ve told us! – and yet boosting your leadership skills and capacity is as important as ever. This series of bite-size masterclasses will give you the support and insights you need, with minimal disruption to your day. Join us for a powerful leadership boost.

Dr Janet Smith

Director of Programs Women & Leadership Australia


Guided by an expert facilitator 

Free two-page Insights Summary

Best-practice leadership strategies and proven frameworks

4 x 90-minute live online masterclasses

Enrol in one or more masterclasses to suit your needs

This course is for you:

Whether you’re facing new leadership challenges, looking for some new approaches to old problems, or simply lacking vitality in your leadership role, this series is for you.  

Leaders at all levels, of any gender, in any industry

Individuals looking to boost their leadership skills and capacity

Teams looking to develop shared approaches for key leadership challenges

Maybe a couple of other dot points

Learn with the leadership experts

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience, we are proud to deliver world-class leadership programs to help leaders at all levels thrive in today’s complex work environments. You’ll be led by expert facilitators to explore the latest in leadership theory and practice, with a focus on practical skills and strategies that you can apply right away.

Why enrol in the Vital Leadership Series?

This series provides best-practice strategies and proven frameworks for effective leadership, combined with the latest thinking in wellbeing to ensure leaders and their teams can thrive. Our work environments continue to evolve, and so do the challenges we need to navigate as leaders. Wellbeing and resilience continue to be top priorities for many leaders, while tactical leadership skills are also in high demand.


All applicants enrolling into the program must satisfy WLA’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures.

The standard fee for individual masterclass is $XXX + GST per participant.  

Save XX% by enrolling in the full series (4 x masterclasses) for $XXX + GST per participant.



Discover the wellbeing essentials you need to perform at your best. In this masterclass you will: 

Recognise the fight, flight, freeze and faun stress responses

Understand the science of wellbeing

Manage self-care in stressful times


Discover game-changing principles that can boost your capability in times of uncertainty. In this masterclass you will:

Explore trauma-informed leadership principles

Manage your surge capacity

Understand cognitive, social, and emotional intelligence and how to leverage them


Discover best-practice frameworks to help you navigate complex work environments. In this masterclass you will:

Understand decision making processes

Navigate workplace values, politics and cultures

Analyse inclusive leadership workplace practices


Discover the tools you need to bounce back in the face of challenges. In this masterclass you will:

Understand the differences between managing energy, and managing time and tasks

Build resilience

Manage energy for social capital

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