Participant Access and Equity Policy

Purpose and Scope 

The purpose of this policy is to promote fair and equal access for all Women & Leadership (WLA) participants and potential participants, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual disability.  

WLA is committed to providing a fair and equitable learning environment for all participants.  

This policy applies to all current and prospective WLA participants.  



2.1 Legislation   

Australian federal and state legislation makes it unlawful for organisations to discriminate against people because of their “age, gender, race, marital status, sexuality, or physical or intellectual disability”. WLA acknowledges its legal obligations under State and Federal equal opportunity laws (and the laws of other countries in which we operate).    


2.2 Access and Equity Principles   

2.2.1 At the time of application Participants are encouraged to self-identify any special need requirements.      

2.2.2 WLA is committed to Access and Equity Principles by:   

  • implementing reasonable adjustments as necessary to ensure delivery and assessment of all programs meet individual participant needs ensuring all practices are free from discrimination; and    
  • delivering an education environment that is relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive.   

   2.2.3 WLA provides an assessment process that is fair, valid, reliable and consistent through:   

  • the provision of adequate information on the training program;    
  • adapting assessments to meet participant needs without compromising the integrity of the assessment;   
  • and providing participants with an equal opportunity to demonstrate competence.   

   2.2.4 Reasonable adjustment is provided to participants with special needs according to individual circumstances.      

2.2.5 Participants encountering learning difficulties will be referred to the Lead Facilitator and Program Specialist, WLA to develop an individual strategy to assist learning and assessment.   


2.3 Complaints and Appeals    

2.3.1 Complaints will be addressed in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with WLA’s Complaints Policy.       

2.3.2 Participants who believe they have been treated unfairly are encouraged to use WLA’s complaints procedures. WLA will promptly and thoroughly investigate all complaints in accordance with stated procedures.       

2.3.3 Participants also have the right to appeal against any decisions as set out in WLA’s Complaints Policy  



The following are responsible for this policy: -   

  • The Director Operations, WLA is accountable for the ongoing development, approval, implementation, awareness and effectiveness of this Policy and the supporting processes and documentation.   
  • The Executive Team and Function Leaders are responsible for ensuring that all team members are aware of this Policy and their responsibilities.  
  • WLA Employees are responsible for being aware of and complying with this Policy.  



Unless the contrary intention is expressed in this Policy, the following words (when used in this policy) have the meaning set out below:   

  • Access – This is concerned with providing equality and opportunities for all people without discrimination to participate in our programs.   
  • Equity – This term covers issues relating to access to, participation in and achievement of outcomes in our programs.   
  • Reasonable adjustment – refers to the modification of the learning environment to assist a learner with special requirements.   



This Policy is reviewed every 2 years by the Director, Operations.