Flexible, responsive, and affordable: the benefits of non-accredited training

We proudly deliver non-accredited leadership development programs that are designed to deliver actionable skills that can be used immediately in the workplace. Find out the other benefits of non-accredited programs in our blog.
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For many organisations, providing meaningful professional development for staff not only boosts organisational performance and outcomes, but importantly, helps to retain and engage valuable team members.

What makes great professional development?

According to a Productivity Commission report, Australian employers are more than twice as likely to use non-accredited training than nationally recognised (VET) training, and are more satisfied with non-accredited training. And the reasons for this are clear.

Non-accredited programs provide a more tailored solution that is responsive to the organisation’s needs and context, can be delivered flexibly, and are often more cost effective.

At Women & Leadership Australia, we proudly deliver non-accredited leadership development programs that are designed to deliver actionable skills that can be used immediately in the workplace. We aim to create transformational and applied learning experiences that meet the needs of today’s professionals.

Why choose a non-accredited program?

They’re highly responsive. We live and work in a world where industry changes at lightning speed. To succeed in this environment, professional development needs to be agile, reflect emerging insights and research, and respond to the unique context of each organisation or team. Our programs are underpinned by the latest research and are developed in consultation with industry experts, academics, and our expert facilitators to ensure the content is contemporary and reflective of the world we’re working in today.


The Advanced Leadership Program was a unique experience, unlike any previous development program I have attended. The principles and concepts explored were able to be put into practice back in the workplace and the peer coaching provided additional support and inspiration. I believe the success in these areas was due to the high calibre of the facilitators and the mix of intelligent and interesting women in attendance. In fact the participants in the course were almost as crucial to the success of the program as the program content itself. The frequency of visits I made to the learning portal to reference its spot-on content were testament to the effort that had gone in to the relevant planning of the program. - Michelle, ALP Graduate

They can be delivered flexibly. Bringing together large groups can be challenging, especially for leaders with busy schedules, different working hours and varied locations. Employing a range of learning modalities, including self-paced online learning, online or face-to-face workshops, peer coaching and workplace projects allows team members to participate in ways that meet their needs and learning preferences.

They can be tailored to organisations and leadership groups. Effective professional development not only builds practical skills and strategies for individuals, it also enhances connection, trust and collaboration within the group and establishes a shared understanding and language. Whatever the team or organisation’s challenge, our programs can be tailored to provide the practical leadership skills and frameworks that are needed for success, while also supporting team cohesion, strategic alignment and improved communication.


“The [Inclusive Leadership in Action] program exceeded our expectations. As a leadership group we developed a shared language and understanding, and it was a real bonding experience for us. The facilitator was brilliant and created a safe environment for us to have open discussions.” - David Long, Assistant Coordinator General for National Crisis Operations, National Emergency Management Agency

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