Inclusive Leadership in Action program enhances workplace culture at NEMA

We partnered with the National Emergency Management Agency to deliver a leadership program with a DEI focus. Hear about their experience.
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Client Summary

NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Management and Response Group Branch) is a government agency established to lead, develop, and coordinate Australia’s connected approach to emergency management, and enable more secure, stronger, and resilient communities before, during, and after emergencies.

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NEMA has a diverse workforce of over 300 employees working across Australia. In July NEMA approached Women & Leadership Australia to deliver a development program for the leaders of its Emergency Management and Response Group Branch. This group was looking for a development experience to enhance their leadership skills and identify gaps by focusing on a diversity, equity, and inclusion training program.

"My branch is the biggest in NEMA, and we do have quite a diverse workforce. I reached out because I wanted to get my leadership team together to do leadership training relevant to our branch that focused on diversity and inclusivity." says David Long, Assistant Coordinator General for National Crisis Operations

The Solution

We recommended the Inclusive Leadership in Action program to focus specifically on the leadership aspects of diversity and inclusion practice in the workplace. We worked with David to tailor the program to suit his team and delivered the online with the group joining from the same room.

The Inclusive Leadership in Action program enables leaders to think and act more inclusively, to create real change across their teams. It provides the practical skills for leaders to make inclusion part of everyday thinking and behaviours.

This program is designed to be both engaging and challenging, without overburdening busy leaders, and is delivered in either two separate online sessions or as a one-day in-house workshop.

The Impact

“The program exceeded our expectations. As a leadership group we developed a shared language and understanding, and it was a real bonding experience for us. The facilitator was brilliant and created a safe environment for us to have open discussions.” - David Long

Inclusive Leadership in Action Program Outcomes:

  1. Develop the signature traits of an inclusive leader
  2. Improve team performance, culture, and collaboration
  3. Increase inclusion and embrace diversity

Leaders in the Emergency Management and Response Group at NEMA are now champions of driving inclusion in their workplace because of supportive exploration and re-evaluating their leadership approach.

“There is a level of awareness about being more inclusive as a leader, as a team we’re all on the same page and we left the program ready to implement change straight away.”  - David Long

The participants explored unconscious bias during the program, which was an eye-opening experience. This process enabled the team to uncover bias and address it individually and as a team. Through open discussions during the program, the leadership team bonded as a group and they have seen a shift in the workplace, having forged more trust with one another.

David even recommended this program to another branch of NEMA, which booked their own Inclusive Leadership in Action program.

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Our expert facilitators designed this short course to be both engaging and challenging, without overburdening busy professionals.

We know that embracing and leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion is intrinsic to great leadership – and drives powerful outcomes for employees, businesses, and the communities we operate.

If you’re interested in enhancing your team performance and culture through inclusive leadership practices find out more about the Inclusive Leadership in Action program at