The Advanced Leadership Program is a high-impact and challenging developmental experience for elite female leaders. Over a career-defining, twelve-month journey, participants engage in a deep exploration of their own strengths and weaknesses as they relate to building and leading highly effective organisational communities. Purpose designed to stretch experienced leaders beyond their comfort zone, the ALP challenges participants to develop their critical thinking abilities and begin to unlock their full leadership potential. 

The Advanced
Leadership Program

Supporting the advancement of elite female leaders across all sectors and industries

Created to radically develop Australia’s executive talent pool, the Advanced Leadership Program seeks to enable the advancement of elite women across all sectors and industries. During a career-defining, twelve-month journey, participants accelerate their own career potential and become part of an exclusive cohort of exceptional female leaders.

Psychometric Assessment​

Participants undertake a psychometric assessment which provides meaningful insight into their personality, characteristics, values, strengths and derailers. Known as the ‘Hogan Leadership Forecast Series’, the assessment generates three development reports based on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). Each report offers detailed information regarding the characteristics, competencies, and values that underlie how the participant approaches work and leadership and how they interact with others in the workplace. These assessments are designed to bring together three distinct aspects of personality to provide strategic self-awareness and assist in identifying key areas for development.​

Self-Directed Learning

Throughout the program, self-directed learning content is accessible via our state of the art online learning management system (LMS) allowing participants to engage with it at any time from any device. Content includes high quality video tutorials, ‘best practice’ leadership literature, experiential activities and reflective tasks. Throughout the program, participants are also free to connect with each other 24/7 via the LMS and discuss ‘top of mind’ issues.​

Executive Coaching and Peer Mentoring​

Through the one-on-one executive coaching, participants take a deep dive into their individual situations and establish the foundations for their unique vision of success. WLA has designed a rigorous, best practice approach to coaching which adheres to the code of ethics established by the International Coach Federation.Through the peer mentoring sessions, participants practice how to effectively deliver feedback and have meaningful, outcome driven coaching and mentoring conversations. Additionally, these sessions lead to a deeper connection between peers and a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s challenges.​

Group Workshops

During the program, participants attend three, two-day face-to-face workshops, interacting with an extended group of ALP participants from across the country. During the workshops participants come together to work collaboratively and build powerful friendships and alliances. Each two-day workshop is designed to deeply immerse participants in the subject matter and create valuable insights informed by collective experience.​

Online Community of Practice​

Throughout the program, participants are free to connect with each other 24/7 through the online community of practice and discuss ‘top of mind’ issues.​

Participant Experience

Encompassing a sophisticated blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning, the ALP immerses participants in a multilayered development journey designed to ensure maximum individual impact. Coordinated via our state of the art learning management system, the program provides powerful and accessible learning.

and fees

All applicants enrolling into the Advanced Leadership Program must satisfy WLA’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolments are at the discretion of the WLA Admissions Department. Enrolment details may be obtained by contacting the WLA Admissions Department.

The program enrolment fee is $18,990 (+GST). The enrolment fee covers all tuition and coaching, program related materials and access to the WLA online learning portal. The enrolment fee does not cover travel and accommodation costs associated with attendance at the face-to-face elements of the program.



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Program Modules

Segmented into eleven key themes, the Advanced Leadership Program engages participants in a comprehensive exploration of the responsibilities and opportunities of senior leadership. Through exploring previous experiences, participants gain a deeper understanding of their innate drivers and derailers and develop the skills to take a more adaptive approach to current and future challenges.

Mindful Leadership​

Participants identify the traits and behaviours that underpin exceptional leadership and consider what this means in their context. Participants are also introduced to a values-based leadership framework as they explore the relationship between authenticity and leadership. Participants go on to consider their personal values and how to synthesise them with their organisation’s objectives in order to build a value-based, authentic culture.​

Participants explore the role of commitment, accountability, resistance and conflict as fundamental ingredients in achieving effective performance. Participants go on to examine the principles that enable teams to achieve outstanding results, consistent with organisational objectives. Participants also explore the use of coaching in building individual capability.​

Leading Change

The Leading Change theme focuses on the critical importance of strong leadership within the change process. Participants explore the inevitable challenges of implementation and the effects on others. Decision making, risk, planning and change management approaches are applied to case studies and participants critically discuss the application of relevant theory. Participants also examine leadership during times of acute crisis and pressure.​

Re-Defining Your Value

“What got you here won’t get you there.” Marshall Goldsmith’s famous leadership quote has never been more relevant. During this theme participants explore ways to re-define their value proposition to their organisation. Participants also begin to identify and overcome their ingrained competency traps in order to develop the right mindset for truly effective organisational leadership.​

This theme focuses on building leadership presence, influencing tactics and communicating effectively at an interpersonal, team and organisational level. Participants begin by exploring their preferred style of communication and the possible implications of their style on others. Participants go on to explore alternative communication styles and the ways in which communication can be leveraged for maximum impact.​

Within this theme participants explore the interface between operational, personal and strategic networks and the importance of being active and effective across all three. Participants move on to explore ways in which they can leverage their existing alliances in order to begin to unlock key strategic advantages they were previously unaware of.​

Participants examine the qualities shared by high-performing teams and identify effective strategies to foster cultures that place a premium on collaboration and collective effort. Participants also explore the challenges and practical implications of leading geographically, culturally or operationally diverse groups.​

Pathway Opportunities  

An academic partnership with Monash University is now enabling female professionals across the country to gain credit towards the Master of Leadership through their participation in the Advanced Leadership Program. Under the partnership, ALP graduates are able to apply for 12 credit points via specified credit for Leadership studies unit (EDF5670) towards the internationally respected Master of Leadership. This equates to 25% of the qualification

For more information please contact the WLA Admissions Department on 1300 735 904.

Monash University

Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Participants explore the dynamics of strategic leadership and experiment with strategic problem-solving tools via a scenario based case study. Participants go on to explore ways to take an active approach to redesigning the role of their team, or organisation, in order to achieve key objectives. This includes developing the skills to innovate within the real constraints of their own roles.​

Communication, Presence and Influence

Unlocking Alliances and Relationships

Empowered Teams

Achieving Performance

Resilience and Wellbeing

Participants explore ways to increase their own resilience whilst learning how to lead others when faced with unexpected change and adversity. Participants go on to explore strategies for developing organisational resilience and building a culture of change readiness. The important interrelated issues of individual and team wellness are also considered.​

The Leadership Mindset

The transition to truly effective organisational leadership is not a flick-switch. Nor is it an elegant curve or linear process from one level of capability to the next. Real transformation requires time, patience, determination and hard work. This theme will allow participants to begin developing the mindset they will require to succeed. It will also provide advice and guidance on ways to manage setbacks along the way.​

Future Focus

This theme centres on building a coherent and dynamic ‘game plan’ for future growth. Within the context and expectations of their current situation, participants consider the steps required to effectively leverage their experience and put steps in place to realise their full potential both now and in the future.​

Interactive Online Workshops

At regular intervals across the program, participants attend interactive, online workshops with their immediate cohort group. Focused on rich discussion and debate pertinent to each of the key themes, these high impact sessions aim to contextualise learning within real world situations and promote peer group interaction. Utilising the very latest developments in synchronous online learning, these highly accessible sessions create a powerful regular connection point to explore new ideas and insights.​

The Australian Women's Leadership Symposium

ALP participants also attend the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium. Held annually, in every state and territory, the Symposiums have been running for over ten years and have become the most highly attended women’s leadership events in the country. 

Addressing a wide range of topics including gender equality, leadership, career advancement and life fulfilment, the Symposiums offer an important opportunity for Australian women to stay abreast of current local and international trends. Showcasing the country’s most respected and celebrated female talent as guest speakers and presenters, the Symposiums provide the perfect setting for female leaders to share their experiences and learn from their peers.​

The program employs a multifaceted learning approach based on expert guidance, peer collaboration, self-analysis, experiential exercises and practical application. Theoretical exploration is continually overlaid with real-world experience to ensure that participants develop the adaptive skills needed to confidently overcome future challenges. This process is further enhanced through a combination of executive coaching and peer group mentoring, enabling participants to cultivate valuable peer level networks, build their self-confidence and hone the skills to lead at the highest levels.

ALP participants are also provided a unique opportunity to engage with an extended network of high profile, experienced leaders through participation in the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium. Held annually in every state and territory, the Symposiums are the most prestigious women’s leadership events in the country.​

Program Inclusions

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