Advanced Leadership Program

A career-defining 9-month program supporting senior and executive women leaders to unlock their full leadership potential. 

Program Snapshot

Ideal for

Senior and executive women leaders


9 months


1.5 hours per week


$12,990 + GST per person
Industry scholarships are available, enquire to learn more



Study pathways

Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (Healthcare Management)

The ALP helped me get promoted! Through the utilisation of the last module (which focuses on each participant’s career), I was able to plot out a meaningful and achievable career map. From there, I applied for 2 roles at my current organisation that had come up due to a restructure…and got both of them!

ALP Graduate
Office Background ALP Program Overview

Program Overview

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) is a career-defining developmental experience that supports senior women leaders to unlock their leadership potential and reach their goals.

Centred on the real-world experiences of participants, this high-impact program provides best-practice strategies and applied learning approaches to give you the skills and insights you need to lead in complex and dynamic environments.

Fostering values-led, authentic leadership, the Advanced Leadership Program is a uniquely personal experience providing a psychologically safe learning environment. Allowing you to enhance your strengths, capabilities, and confidence while building supportive relationships with like-minded women leaders across a range of industries.

This comprehensive leadership development program includes:

  • A personal Hogan leadership psychometric assessment
  • Three full-day virtual workshops
  • Nine 90-minute interactive online webinars
  • Four one-on-one executive coaching sessions
  • Three peer coaching sessions
  • Self-directed learning via our online learning system
  • An Adaptive Leadership Challenge

Your fast-track to an MBA

Graduates of the Advanced Leadership Program may be eligible for credit towards a world-class Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification at ACAP and Deakin University. These credit pathways significantly reduce the time and cost involved in studying an MBA.

Participant Profile

The Advanced Leadership Program is designed for senior leaders across a wide range of workplace environments throughout the public, private and non-profit sectors. Designed to be undertaken in conjunction with full-time work, the ALP is intended for experienced, ambitious leaders seeking a transformative developmental experience.

Designed to provide a psychologically safe and inclusive learning environment, this program is for women and gender diverse people.

It gave me the confidence to actually be a leader.

ALP Graduate

Throughout the course I learned a lot about myself, and I also learned about my colleagues and the people I interact with.

Director, Department of Intensive Care

It led me to the role that I'm in now which is a great leadership opportunity.

Chief Financial Officer

What an amazing journey with an incredible, inspiring and supportive group of women. I am a big advocate for continuous learning and creating opportunities for professional networking. I will treasure the relationships built and am grateful that I have an expanded support network of inspiring women leaders plus new set of skills in my leadership toolbox.

ALP Graduate

This course was just what I needed. I was frustrated and lacked structure and guidance. The readings, conversations, webinars and other participants have all been stimulating and educating. I have learned so much about myself and how to guide and lead others with tools and proven methods rather than with my gut and my own sense of what works. The topics have been excellent. The ‘inner critic’ model blew me away and the Hogan assessment was both confronting and empowering.

ALP Graduate

The ALP was a unique experience, unlike any previous development program I have attended. The principles and concepts explored were able to be put into practice back in the workplace and the peer coaching provided additional support and inspiration. The face-to-face sessions* provided a safe and open forum for sharing and growth, while the monthly webinars were an effective way to stay in touch and cover new topics. I believe the success in these areas was due to the high calibre of the facilitators and the mix of intelligent and interesting women in attendance. In fact the participants in the course were almost as crucial to the success of the program as the program content itself. The frequency of visits I made to the learning portal to reference its spot-on content were testament to the effort that had gone in to the relevant planning of the program. *These sessions are now Online.

ALP Graduate

Learning Outcomes

Build the leadership capabilities to set you up for success

Explore your leadership values develop your personal leadership vision and goals

Adopt strategies for enhanced resilience, wellbeing and performance in the workplace

Harness the diversity within your organisation to foster inclusive practice

Facilitate leadership growth in others

Leverage emotional intelligence to build strategic relationships and networks

Increase your communication skills, influence and ability to lead change

Identify and respond to unconscious bias and systems that hold women leaders back

Employ data to track personal and team growth

Program Modules

The Advanced Leadership Program explores the essential leadership capabilities senior leaders need to succeed in complex and dynamic environments.

Leading authentically

You will identify frameworks and behaviours that underpin authentic and effective leadership and consider what this means in your own context. You will go on to examine the impact of values on leadership, decision making and organisational culture. Finally, you will be introduced to reflective practices that you can use to enhance your leadership capacity.

Empowering teams

You will analyse the enablers of high-functioning teams and explore ways to develop cohesion and trust to enhance team performance. You will also examine the role of culture in team dynamics and learn how to foster cultures that value collaboration and collective effort.

Reinforcing resilience and wellbeing

You will examine common workplace challenges and explore ways to facilitate discussion around wellbeing, resilience and social capital within your teams. You’ll explore practical strategies, tools and models for supporting yourself and others, and develop new ways to overcome challenges, bounce back from adversity and increase your resourcefulness.

Redefining your role

This theme considers ways that leaders must continually redefine their role and value proposition to their organisation as they take on new roles and responsibilities. You will identify your ingrained competency traps, develop new situation sensors and begin to recognise and leverage your strengths in order to develop your personal vision for effective leadership.

Progressing diversity and inclusion

Discover the benefits and challenges of diversity and inclusion from an organisational perspective. You will explore diversity and inclusion in the context of social capital and impact on organisations. Issues such as sexism and ageism are highlighted and discussed, underpinned by purposeful case-studies and curated materials. You will be offered strategies to promote inclusion and equity and to positively leverage diversity.

Engaging with challenge and conflict

You will be challenged on your current perspectives towards conflict and its role in effective leadership and collaboration. You’ll explore ways to increase your confidence to engage in conflict and your ability to utilise effective feedback to enhance performance and engagement.

Rewiring your networks

Effective networking within, across and beyond the organisation is one of the key factors that distinguishes exceptional leaders. Effective communication and emotional intelligence are essential to building and maintaining a good network, which in turn can become a powerful asset on your leadership journey. You will explore the interface between operational, personal and strategic networks and identify new ways to become active and effective across all three.

Evolving strategic change

You will examine the difference between creativity and innovation, and how to harness their benefits within your organisation. You will explore a range of strategies to drive organisational performance and examine strategic analysis and decision-making tools to help you lead effective change.

Communicating with presence and influence

This theme focuses on building leadership presence, influencing tactics and communicating effectively at an interpersonal, team and organisational level. You will explore your preferred style of communication, as well as alternative styles and the ways in which communication can be leveraged for maximum impact.

Developing a leadership mindset

The transition to truly effective organisational leadership is not a linear process from one level of capability to the next. Real transformation requires time, patience and adaptability. This module will allow you to develop the mindset you will require to succeed. It will also provide tools and guidance on ways to manage setbacks along the way.

Creating future focus

In this module you will build a coherent and dynamic ‘game plan’ for future growth. Within the context and expectations of your current context, you will consider the steps required to effectively leverage your experience and put measures in place to realise your full potential now and in the future.

Program Experience

Encompassing a sophisticated blend of facilitated and self-paced learning, the Advanced Leadership Program will immerse you in a multilayered development journey designed to ensure maximum individual impact.

Psychometric assessment

The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series psychometric assessment provides meaningful insight into your personality, characteristics, values, strengths, and derailers to increase your self-awareness and assist in identifying key areas for development. You’ll receive three development reports regarding the characteristics, competencies, and values that underlie how you approach work and leadership and how you interact with others in the workplace.

Self-directed learning

Throughout the program, self-directed learning content is accessible via our state-of-the-art online learning system allowing you to engage with it at any time from any device. Content includes high-quality videos, best practice leadership literature, experiential activities and reflective tasks. Throughout the program, you will also connect with your peers via an online forum to share your reflections and celebrate your wins.

Executive coaching

Take a deep dive into your individual situations and establish the foundations for your unique vision of success. You will attend four sessions with your executive coach at key points throughout the program. Coaching sessions follow a rigorous, best-practice approach that adheres to the code of ethics established by the International Coaching Federation.

Peer coaching

Designed to develop your coaching capacity so you can not only increase your self-awareness but support learning in others. You will work with your peers to practice meaningful, outcome-driven coaching conversations. Peer coaching sessions offer real-time feedback and enable you to develop meaningful, impactful connections with other leaders in the program.

Adaptive leadership challenge

You will identify, plan, and undertake an adaptive leadership challenge as part of the program. The adaptive leadership challenge provides an opportunity to test out new strategies and methodologies and integrate your learning into your everyday environment.

Virtual workshop days and webinars

You will attend three scheduled virtual workshop days, and nine online webinars throughout the program. Led by an expert facilitator, you will explore new concepts and strategies and work collaboratively on real-time challenges. Bringing together leadership best practices with a lens of individual and collective experiences, these group sessions offer valuable insight and reflective practice.

In-program support

Our high-touch approach to participant engagement will ensure you are supported throughout your learning experience. You will be connected with a dedicated Program Delivery Coordinator who is available to provide individualised support and information throughout your program.

Enquiries and Enrolments

To enrol, fill out the enquiry form and one of our Program Advisors will be in touch. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone now, please give us a call.

Program Fees

The standard program fee is $12,990 + GST per person.

Partial scholarships are available for women in select industries. Contact us to find out if you're eligible.

The enrolment fee covers all tuition, program related materials and access to the online learning system.