General Practitioner; Founder, The Bubble Tasmania

B Med Sci MBBS Hons. FRACGP FPAA; General Practitioner; Founder, The Bubble Tasmania; President of Soroptimist International Tasmania


Dr Natasha Vavrek, Founder of The Bubble Tasmania, a trailblazing women’s health clinic revolutionising health care in Tasmania. As a doctor, Natasha recognised the critical need for comprehensive women’s healthcare in her community.  In response, she established a truly unique clinic that fosters authentic relationships with the community.

Within a remarkable 18 months, Natasha’s visionary clinic expanded from Launceston to Hobart, transforming the landscape of women’s health in Tasmania. Her commitment to changing the narrative earned her the prestigious Telstra Best of Business Award for Accelerating Women, a testament to her outstanding contributions.

As the current President of Soroptimist International Tasmania, Natasha extends her commitment to enabling, empowering, and educating women well beyond the clinic. Grounded in gratitude to her community as a daughter of migrants, her involvement in this women’s organisation is a heartfelt form of volunteering—a sincere way of giving back and, in essence, an extension of her work as a dedicated doctor.

Natasha’s generous leadership style and clear communication style make her not only a successful entrepreneur but also an inspiring woman in her community.  A relentless advocate for societal transformation, Natasha is a true “mover and shaker” in the realm of women’s health, embodying resilience, determination, and an unwavering passion for the well-being of women in Tasmania and beyond. At the age of 39, she has already achieved remarkable milestones and undoubtedly has much more to contribute and achieve in her distinguished professional career.