An exciting evolution for Women & Leadership Australia

The next chapter in our story.
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Women & Leadership Australia
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For almost 20 years, Women & Leadership Australia has been empowering and uplifting women leaders in every aspect of life.

We have been operating alongside our sister brands Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM) and the National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI) to deliver specialised leadership solutions for organisations and schools.

The next chapter in our story

Now, we’re bringing our breadth of experience and expertise together as one brand: Women & Leadership Australia.

The newly expanded Women & Leadership Australia will continue to deliver leadership programs for leaders of all genders, with specialised programs for individuals, organisations, and schools. And, we’ll continue to deliver our renowned events, undertake critical research, and advocate for gender equity in leadership.

Women & Leadership Australia CEO, Karen Taylor, says it’s time for Australian workplaces to strengthen the focus on gender equity and inclusive leadership.

“Many organisations are re-imagining their ways of working, reviewing their policies, and redefining their practices to embed diversity and inclusion,” Ms. Taylor said.

“Inclusive workplaces benefit everyone: staff feels valued and supported, team cohesion is strengthened, innovation thrives, and business outcomes improve. Our proven approach to enhancing gender equity and inclusive leadership within organisations helps our clients fast-track their leadership transformation.”

Womens Event Group

Women & Leadership Australia will continue to provide safe spaces for women while expanding our programs to support leaders of all genders and deliver tailored leadership development solutions for large teams and organisations.

This transition is set to benefit program participants and business clients alike. “We know that streamlining and focusing our efforts under a single brand will give us more opportunities to serve our program participants and clients, allow us to respond to emerging needs in leadership development, and more effectively champion diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Ms. Taylor said.

An increased focus on school leadership and wellbeing

Women & Leadership Australia will continue to deliver the highly-regarded leadership and well-being programs for school leaders that were previously delivered through NESLI.

“In our experience, gender equity, inclusive leadership and wellbeing are key concerns for school leaders. Women & Leadership Australia is well positioned to support meaningful development opportunities to shift the culture and enhance inclusive leadership within Australian schools,” Ms. Taylor said.

“All of us at Women & Leadership Australia are excited about a prosperous future where all people find their place and experience the equality they deserve.”

What’s changing?
  • We will no longer be delivering programs under the ASAM or NESLI brands.
  • We will expand our Women & Leadership Australia programs to deliver the specialised leadership development solutions organisations and schools need.
  • While some of our flagship programs will continue to support women leaders specifically, we will be delivering more programs for mixed-gender cohorts, to ensure everyone can benefit from our high-impact courses.

What’s staying the same?
  • We remain the experts in leadership development and professional growth, with a deep understanding of equity and inclusion.
  • We will continue to work closely with our participants, industry, organisations, and our faculty of leadership and coaching experts to ensure that our courses meet the current and emerging needs of the community and corporate leadership.
  • We will continue to offer safe spaces for women leaders to connect, share their experiences, and learn alongside their peers through our women’s leadership programs and events.