Launching Vital Leadership Masterclasses for Teams

Our popular Vital Leadership Series can now be delivered exclusively for your leadership team or group. You'll learn best-practice leadership strategies and proven frameworks to help leaders at all levels thrive.
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Book a Vital Leadership Masterclass for your leadership team 

Special Introductory Offer

We know leaders are busy, and yet the foundations of good leadership are more important than ever. That’s why we created the Vital Leadership program: a series of four bite-size masterclasses to help leaders at all levels thrive in the face of uncertainty and change. 

Choose your Vital Leadership Masterclasses

Guided by an expert facilitator, these masterclasses provide best-practice leadership strategies and proven frameworks to help leaders at all levels thrive. 

Choose one or more masterclasses to meet your organisation’s needs: 

  • Managing Stress: Protecting Against Burnout – leverage self-awareness, create a psychologically safe environment, and understand the stress response to proactively care for self and teams 
  • Team Dynamics: Leading With Empathy – build empathy, connection and trust in diverse teams, and apply social awareness to understand and strengthen team dynamics 
  • Decision Making: Leading in Uncertainty – understand the basic needs of the brain, take responsibility for actions, and make good decisions in the face of uncertainty 
  • Resilience: Reclaiming Your Leadership Mojo – rebound from set-backs, enhance personal and team resilience, and create spaces for wellbeing, rituals and recovery 

Save with our introductory offer

For a limited time, you can book your first masterclass for up to 20 staff for just $1990 (+GST) – that saves 40% off the standard fee.  

Be quick! This offer is only available for programs commencing by 30 June 2024.  

The standard masterclass fee for up to 20 staff is $3330 (+GST).

To learn more or book, submit the form below, or call us on 1300 138 037.

How the Vital Leadership Masterclasses Support Your Leaders

Designed for leaders at all levels, across all industries, and of all genders, this high-impact series is packed with practical tips and tools that your leaders can apply today. Book a single masterclass for a targeted leadership boost, or book the whole series to build a comprehensive toolkit of leadership concepts and skills that your team can apply right away.


We know you’re busy – you’ve told us! – and yet boosting your leadership skills and capacity is as important as ever. This series of bite-size masterclasses will give you the support and insights you need, with minimal disruption to your day. Join us for a powerful leadership boost.

Dr Janet Smith
Program Specialist and Lead Facilitator, Women & Leadership Australia


To book a Vital Leadership Masterclass for your staff, call us on 1300 138 037, or complete the form below.